@neauoire @aeonofdiscord @djsundog thanks! would you have any ELF binary for Haiku handy that you could send my way? I'm writing some OS-detection code and I'd like to check if Haiku works.

My number one goal for this year's Brazilian elections:

htop 3.0.0beta5 tagged and announced last weekend at !

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@amiloradovsky they don't even to be that long if they are creatively chosen :)

@charlag agree with the sentiment, but it's not there yet in a sufficiently general form and won't be for a while

@calvin yes, thanks! please inform python and gcc version as well there

I just tried building unsupported with the latest master and it built and ran. what version are you trying this on?

@calvin thanks for the heads up — yeah, I haven't tested it locally yet but removing the Platform one should be sufficient. Please give it a try!

@amiloradovsky true, but it's not just a matter of whole-word search (if that's what it is), but using the most specific name that's not awkward. e.g. the other day I had an option to a table to control the presence of nulls in responses. I used '{ nulls = true }' instead of '{ null = true }' because null is used in a million places in other contexts, but nulls is unique in the entire codebase (and arguably even more understandable given its context).

A quality of code I never see being praised anywhere: how _greppable_ it is. When picking names of things, I'm always thinking "how easy will it be to grep all uses of this later without a bunch of false-positives"?

Corollary: Being greppable is the first step to being seddable.

@ente agree — and this very toot and thread are part of the problem!

@Nbardiuk @ragb this makes me think if maybe they're right and instead wr should give up explaining and just make it possible to do all these things with text in images. The tech exists, Google Translate can translate text captured from the camera, after all. Why not apply it everywhere.

@doctorow I sighed at "there are 3 billion people in this planet"

quick scroll through Facebook: people distressed with Brazilian politics

quick scroll through Twitter: people distressed with American politics

quick scroll through Mastodon: people discussing decentralized social networks

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@garbados @Elizafox the democratically elected president was overthrown in Brazil in 2016... talk about a year that never ended

@juliobiason I like this description. We're clearly not there yet, our tests are still very "concrete" (e.g. we "mock" the luarocks.org server by running an HTTP server on localhost that gives some predefined answers, but the actual luarocks code being tested uses real sockets)

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