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Hisham @hisham_hm@mastodon.social

A silly little thing which improves code ergonomics — when making lists of repeated entries, make pyramids:


5,000 Icelanders are in the stadium watching the game. If the equivalent percentage of the Brazilian population were in a stadium watching a game, that would amount to roughly the entire population of Uruguay (give or take the entire population of Iceland)

@romariorios canceriano é "geminiano-adjacent" :D

@romariorios haha, imaginei que fosse!

LabLua é um notório reduto de geminianos (e pelo visto meu emprego novo também!)

@romariorios valeu!!

espero que seja em um contexto positivo 😆

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It's my birthday!!! 🎉 🍰 🍍 🎉

@remotenemesis I meant for reusing parts of the code or merely as a reference/inspiration. Out of curiosity, what language are you developing in?

@remotenemesis surely there must be an HTML-to-Markdown library somewhere that could be useful?

@vfrmedia @elomatreb @saxnot the takeaway is that the method of enforcement and intimidation worked. in the First World at least, where there is money to be made. here in Brazil they seem to not care about it, yet. and even then kids didn't get into media torrenting (game piracy is still rampant, as far as I can tell).

@saxnot @elomatreb I'm sure it is, but I wonder with what age groups.

my gut feeling is that P2P moved out of the mainstream. back in the mid 2000s every non technical person did it, at least where I lived. now I see a lot of kids who don't bother and just consume whatever YouTube, Netflix and Spotify provide them.


re-tired: real youngsters don't even know what that logo is for because they never learned how to use Pirate Bay in the age of walled-garden streaming services :(

@juliobiason Hey, I heard that one for the Apple Watch!

Recycling material? What are you, a WWDC presenter?