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's foul took out of the game, only 30 mins in.

It's things like this that make me hate Real Madrid.

So I go watch a superhero movie (Black Panther) just to get my head out of reality for 2 hours, and they say someting like this in it:

"that's what our US intelligence operatives do: destabilize countries in election year"

then I think of the US-staged truck driver strike in Chile 1971 prior to putting Pinochet in power

then I remember it's election year in Brazil and we currently have an ongoin truck driver strike

when you get caught between the moon and New York Cityyy
the best that you can do
(best that you can do)
the best that you can do
is :blobpats:

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"I am sorry to bring this up," said the alien, "but I've been on your planet for fifty years."
"So why am I still called 'the alien'?"

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The other day I found out that my local library has no limit on how many items a person can check out at once.

I asked the librarian, "What's to stop someone from driving up with a UHaul and filling it up?"

And she replied, with a grin, "Ambition"

It's been so long since I last used a CRT monitor I'm starting to doubt myself: were their colors as good as I remember?

being able to switch been hearing "Yanny" or "Laurel" at will feels like a tiny superpower. all those years picking apart Beatles harmonies finally paid off!

MSX Expert by Gradiente, a Brazilian computer from the 80s

Late night confession:

When I was a kid I had an Apple II but I always secretly envied the MSX.

Phew, it feels good to get it out of my chest after almost 30 years.

Since I run my own Linux distro and use my own text editor, many people have asked me if I'd write my own shell next. I don't plan to do it, but given the Unix tradition of naming shells after their authors, not writing a shell called "hish" is such a wasted opportunity!

I have this feeling that a lot of bands in the 70s produced great music essentially trying to fill the void left by the Beatles.

In a sense we're going through this today with guys like Bruno Mars and The Weeknd essentially doing new Michael Jackson songs.

If you're interested in how LuaRocks is built/packaged/distributed and how we could make that better, please join the discussion at !!

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Remember what Stallman did ~30 years ago when proprietary software dominated, he didn't recommended abstinence he came up with a positive answer aka Free Software. We need to do the same with today's evolving technology (cloud, saas, IoT, whatever). Ignoring it will change nothing we have to get engaged and shape it in a freedom and privacy respecting way.

yeah, this is similar to the Maybe and Either monads in Haskell — Maybe is `Just x` or `None` (producing a value or not); Either is `Left x` or `Right y` (produce one type or another)

The light syntax for using it is a lot different (`do` notation for monads), but it's a great solution for a functional language. Rust's ? operator sounds like a great idea for an imperative one.

Lua and Go are two languages plagued by the idiom of

ok, err = do_something()
if err then
return nil, err

Turns out that semantically this is a pretty good approach for error handling. But syntactically it's a pain. Does any language have special syntax for these precise semantics?

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C’est quand même vachement le bordel, la gestion des erreurs en go… 😢
Code utile : 11 lignes. Code réel : 32…

Ten years of "microblogging". One year of Mastodon! Happy to have an alternative I believe in. Looking forward to many anniversaries in the fediverse!

(It feels like half my tweets there nowadays are just plugging Mastodon :) )

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