robot man tarot commission!!! here he is, the doom patrol lad, having a good time, having a GOOD TIME

u ever feel like nobody likes u or your art and you can't connect to anyone anymore and you're eternally left behind and replaced and if you get upset it only gets worse and you are gonna get used up and left weird and empty

dats me two day, babeyyyy

I've been like super gross and sick lately and also feeling like. Super isolated and unloved lately which is making me really depressed which is feeding back into my gross stomach illness because I eat bad food and aggravate my die

anyways i have had a lot of anxiety lately and a lot of trouble sleeping and i've been thinking about Discomfort In Art lately. Like it feels like a lot of people find it very laudable but I just despise hopelessness lmfao

mostly I am talking about horror movies where everyone dies and there's no hope and nothing you can do, like the director wants to punish the audience for being comfortable and im like. Man. Do you know how hard it is for me to be comfortable? Don't Torment Me

Like challenging ideas and shit are good! But also I already am awake for up to 5 hours a night Worrying About Shit, please don't be mean to me about existential problems i can't do anything about, movies

man. I understand a lot of art wants to confront people and make them uncomfortable with certain ideas and stuff but as a person with anxiety and depression I super already live that life, so like, I appreciate movies and shit that give you a little cushion

I finished like 3 things this week and immediately was like 'good now I will take a day or two off, a weekend, like a normal person' and then the joke is immediately I impinged my shoulder and fell into a deep depressive spiral so rip I guess

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