Yesterday, a cisgender colleague sent me a private message on Slack to celebrate the hire of another queer person: “Damien! We have another queer person at Castor, it is (...). I’m glad.”
I don’t know where to start but… what the fuck folks?! Don’t do that!

As each time I am in Scandinavia, it’s time for me to start the bun counter 😹
And today, I start with a delicious knotted cardamom bun on Lilla torg in Malmö 😸

A beautiful, chill and sunny morning in Malmö 😻 🇸🇪

Did I just send “I’m interested how you’re doing your kinks” instead of “links” to someone? Yes.

Today, I’m speaking at about readability and accessibility and I’m discovering something funny about myself: I’m more stressed by attending my own pre-recorded talk than going on stage 😄✌🏻
It is so weird/funny to attend your own talk 😹

Also, I start to be tired of reading “anti-antifa” everywhere.
Can we just agree that if you are against anti-fascist folks, you’re fascist?
Seriously, it’s easy: It is in the name.

Since I moved in Berlin few weeks ago, that’s the second time I have to March and protest against nazis storming the city.
Mit oder ohne Maske und Abstand, am Berlin für Nazis ist kein Platz da.

People often ask me what is it like to have . It is getting home, and 1h later spending 20min looking at all the places in your flat where your bike keys could be. Including the fridge. And having this issue at least twice a day with random objects.
It was in the mailbox…

After several days of hesitation, I finally made my move: I just got myself a ticket for, online 2020 edition, in a few days 🚀🎉
It might not look like a big deal, but that's my first "big" expense as a freelancer, since I moved in Germany 🔥

While discussing IE11 support today with my team, I had a quick look to our analytics dashboard. It's nice to look at global stats, but you should always make decisions based on your audience.
In July, 23% of our users were still using IE11…
Looks like support will continue 😭

Hej! You know what? That’s it, I am now living in Berlin 🥳
After a few days being in between cities to get all my stuff in my new flat, that’s it! All my boxes are here, my bike is here (and gosh this is a whole story to tell) and a bear certifies that now, I’m here 😄 🐻

Is it just me or I’m hearing more people speaking Dutch in Berlin than in Amsterdam? 😂

Hey folks in my timeline: do you have any advice for a hairdresser doing a good work with multicolor hairdos?

I just bought the CUTEST used bike ever on Marktplaats! Because yes, the most convenient moment to buy a new bike is a week before moving to another country! 😄
But gosh, I missed my dear 5yo VanMoof bike since it was stolen a year ago. ♥️

It’s today, so here’s a reminder that I’m a proud non-binary Web worker, using they/them pronouns 🏳️‍🌈
So, next time you’re looking for a UX developer/consultant specialized in accessibility: I count of you to think “What about contacting them?” 😄😜

Folks, remember your rage just a month ago following the latest police brutality incidents in the US?
One month later, the same units are still patrolling our streets, all across the US and Europe. The fight is not over, it will take time. We need to keep the pressure on it.

Celebration time, because this week is starting well:
I will sign for a flat in Berlin on Wednesday! 🎊🎉
End of July, I will officially become a Berliner, and start a new chapter of my life after 4 amazing years in the NL 🎊
(and bonus, I’ll have a wonderful neighbor! ☺️)

I think it's one of the first time in my life I am starting to do my boxes for my relocation without knowing exactly where I will drop my stuff in my new city.
That's a really weird feeling of insecurity I am definitely not used to, but also not liking as an autistic person 😄

I am antifascist, a queer leftist antifa.

And seriously, never I would have expected that in 2020 people can have an issue with this.

Not being against fascism is supporting fascism. Silence is endorsement.
How is it difficult to understand?

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