In a few minutes, I'll be live on to play a bit of! This evening: Chill city development with focus on transit

What if Berlin Mitte becomes a car-free area?
Join me now on Twitch in a few minutes to research, discuss, ideate & exchange about the future of mobility!
Follow me here:

What if Berlin Mitte becomes a car-free area?
I'll research the current traffic levels, the bike & public transportation options this afternoon.

Join me to discuss this project, ideate with me, or just give your opinion on Twitch from 6:30pm CEST!

It's Sunday evening, time to chill a bit on Cities: Skylines with a brand new city (mountain environment)

In Lille (France), experiments with new depolluting bus shelters.

I'm always up for more bus shelters but seriously… there are more efficient ways to fight pollution: fewer cars, more buses and bike lanes, and car-free city centers. 🤔

I decided that winter is not an excuse to not skateboard to one of my favorite coffee places for a warm moment of happiness. 🛹
So today's achievement: I did not die despite ALL THE GRAVELS everywhere. 😄

Sidewalks in Berlin are usually bad.
But with gravels, it's just hell! 😈

Since I started skating I realize how much cities could learn from skateboarders.
It could be seen as a stretch, but our cities would be more accessible, friendlier to pedestrians & bikes, and welcoming if we would design streets with skateboards in mind! I should explore that 😄

Urban Planning & Street Design: Let's imagine a slow-paced Mitte district in Berlin.
Let's discuss it together, right now, on Twitch:

After the success of making a car-free street, what’s next? What about a slow-paced Mitte district in !

Let’s meet @ 5pm CET on to discuss how we could remove cars from the axis HBF - Alex and transform the neighborhood!

When working on a project, I stumbled upon this amazing online tool to help you design streets.

It seems perfect to:
1. Create awareness about the volume of cars per hour on a lane
2. Assess the amount of space confiscated by cars in our street

I'm live on Twitch right now to chat & research street design for bikes & trams ☺️
If you're curious, or if you have good ideas: join me for a bit!

End goal: using it for a town hall meeting about the future tram extension in Strasbourg 🇫🇷 next Thursday

For the urban planning/mobility project I'm currently working on, I plan to stream some of my research & chat about it with interested folks.
Today is the 1st one @ 5:30pm CET.
Topic: a safe coexistence between bikes & trams in our streets 🚀
Wanna join?

Sunday evening, 1:40am.
In the last weeks, I started developing a video project about urban planning, and I just hit a great milestone: I finished the script. 🎉 With its 18 pages, I hope it will offer a good leftist analysis of the challenges created by smart city projects

Ohlala. I think it was time for me to update my Twitter profile by replacing my old rainbow banner—taken in Amsterdam Sloterdijk—with a picture more in sync with where I am in my life, and on the planet.
Berlin is definitely an amazing background for the angry leftist in me.

I am doing some research on "Smart City" projects supported by the and the amount of bullshit is just incredible.
I understand that some marketing is needed to get funded, especially as each program looks exactly like all the other ones, but gosh.

First experience with a “regular” appointment with with a GP in Germany today: I ended up crying at the end of the appointment. Yay. 0/10. Would not recommend.
I will pass on not respecting my gender identity, I’m just used to it now coming from the medical industry.

Hej folks! 👋
I'm about to chat about how designers can improve Web Accessibility through better design documentation within the next 30 minutes, in the Friends of Figma meetup – Munich/remote edition.
Wanna join? It's free, and it's over there:

See ya!

Seriously, how should we date people during a pandemic?
I already have the feeling that usually I don't know what I'm doing by being either too queer, too kinky or too autistic, (or not enough depending on the folks and the moment), but right now, I just have no clue anymore.

Today is .
Alone, with one or with more partners and regardless of their gender expression, I am, was and will remain a proud bisexual and agender person.
Whether you are bisexual, pansexual, you exist and I am proud of us.

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