Amazing live performance of at showing her lettering tools and processes while creating wonderful artworks 😳😍

Colorful variable fonts is such an interesting idea to work with, thanks! Especially if you can set your own color palettes: can be great for web readability & user customization! Can’t wait to see this implemented in browsers and play with it!

I’m always amazed by the creativity behind Fit, the “responsive” typeface created by Amazing talk about extreme typography at Already seen it at but even the second time, this talk is fascinating 🙈

The best way to wait for’s talk: playing with an old typewriter at the table in 🙈♥️

Let’s start the day 2 of with a great talk of about the secret of our brain to hear, see and think about everything around us ✌️♥️

Time for the last talk of the day in . Second edition I attending and still… WHAT A DAY 🙈♥️💀

Do you wanna know why I love so much? Because the color scheme of my badge is matching my personal colors 😳😍💀☠️

Regular issue with CSS: when an inline element is split on several lines, the padding and margin are not applied to the chunk/line breaks

I’m impressed how easily is summarising the CSS specification on boxes and positioning. Really great talk to explain the box rendering system of our browsers

Today, I have the chance to attend in Berlin! This event is maybe the most incredible one in Europe, with an amazing line-up and a great venue! Thanks for this tremendous work 😍 (@hj_chen on stage)

Thanks for your talk, that was really interesting 🙈✌️ I was wondering: are you attending I’m working on building a design system at work and I would love to discuss more on how to push accessibility through it if you are interested to discuss more tips? :)

“Every design decision has the potential to include or exclude people” this sentence from could fantastically summarize the whole day 🙈✌️

“Every design decision has the potential to include or exclude people” this sentence from could fantastically summarize the whole day 🙈✌️

Maintaining an accessibility first policy is harsh: you need people to backup your frontend developers and designers, you need written guidelines and rules and you need to stop looking after the latest trends. It’s an everyday/permanent mission

You can improve click rates of buttons by improving the accessibility of these. Especially useful in e-commerce and CTA-based platforms. Click rate raised from 19% to 29% for users using skip links

On some projects, people using skip links are visiting up to half pages less than “regular” visitors.

A way to find people with assistive technologies: log focus event in skip links

Asking for users consent is ethical and improve accuracy even if it’s increasing a bit the workload and decrease the volume of answers. It’s improving trust with people with disabilities

What can you do to get analytics on your users with disabilities? Ask them. “I use assistive technologies and accept that my user data can be used to improve this usability”

Only detect your users capabilities to improve the user experience, not to split them. Always. Like with mobile vs. desktop experiences.

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