Amazing talk by showing accessibility stats in the Netherlands: without age-related and stroke-related people, 25% of Dutch folks have one degree of disability.

Kudos to for being the 1st airport opening an area for passengers w/ hidden disabilities such as autism or sensory issues. Flying can be perceived as really stressful for people, so imagine the impact on autistic people. Amazing!

In my talks about readability, I always take time to express how much I love airports, and how interesting they are when you study readability. But today is the start of a new era for me: thanks to, I hate this now 😓 Never had such a stressful travel experience.

I mean, is there a better place to work on my talk about readability and lower-literacy than the backyard of this queer-owned coffee place in Greenpoint, Brooklyn? @ Odd Fox

Hey &, I've a question for you: I am in a middle of a chat about accessible names for images. When reading this ( I have the feeling that an image w/ aria-label but w/o alt would be a valid way to provide a textual alternative. Any thoughts?

What a nice way to start the day: this morning I learned that I passed my certification. I am now officially a _Web Accessibility Specialist_ recognized by the 🎉 So it may looks like I know what I'm doing in accessibility haha 🎉

Just went out Pokemon: Détective Pikachu. It was WAY better than expected. And seriously, Cubone was exactly how I imagined it as a kid. It was an amazing experience, I just can’t wait for another stories 😁

[alt: Cubone being reached by a Pokeball]

In practice, with an active website, it is almost impossible to be fully accessible, especially with WCAG 2.1 AAA. That’s why you need measurements and you need to take your time.

Tooling only measure 5 to 15% of the WCAG2.1 AA guidelines. That’s one of the reason why you should find, train and push people caring about accessibility in your organization.

One of the challenge for design systems and service design guidelines is to create a shared understanding of what is a “good service” and what will be the definition of done.

The 3 biggest barriers to collaboration are *money*, *time* and *access to data*. Enabling the collaboration means giving freedom to your teams to work together, across departments and organisations. Sometimes, creating a new structure can help.

A design system is the way to create a set of standard, it is a living object. By including components along things more complex like how to talk about sex and gender, you are creating the future of your services. Everybody should contribute to it.

Tips for design managers: the most important part of a design team is how it works, not how big it is. Collaboration must be a core part of your team and you should push your team to share their work.

We are thinking about the future like a noble end state. We will get to it, and everything is done. But transformation is a slow process, and we have to think about the future when working on project. Organisations have to design services over time.

Most of the time, public services were not build for the Internet age. On the Web, people are starting with Google and found public services fails before the information they’re looking for. People search for verbs, not acronyms.

I am so glad to be part of this year edition of the and to attend what looks to be an amazing talk by on accessible service design with Also, what a pleasure to not be the only one they/them speaker in an event 👀

Is there any folks here using CSS variables as part of their component library? If so, are you using the polyfill for IE11-? Any feedback on the impact of this polyfill on IE users experience and rendering performance?

I'm genuinely surprised that this (good btw) content explaining lazy-loading is showing <img> markups w/o the mandatory alt attribute. Yes it's not the goal of the article but would it not be a good way to show you have to have alt?

“Let’s run a quick experimentation with CSS-in-JS and styled components to see why everybody is so hyped about that” Famous last words…
That was nothing but quick, and way more complex than CSS 🤷‍♀️
CSS is great. Why everybody is trying to destroy it?

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