After two weeks meeting amazing folks from all around the World in conferences between and , it’s time for me to take a bit of time off in . But first, I wanted to share some view of the magnificent capital:

Just realized I never said thank you to for this amazing kanelbulle sticker. That’s a great “Cinnamon roll, not gender roles”-kinda sticker! 😁 I found the perfect spot for it on my desk, next to’s Thank you card 😄✌️

I am so glad I am finally back in Amsterdam after to attend and learn much info about browsers and rendering engines 😍

Such a great day! I spoke & I really enjoyed being surrounded by such a cheerful team 😍 (thx for your great MCing!), also I’m hearing a lot of things abt design systems which is making me so happy, & TIL there is a new coming on this topic!

I just arrived in for 😱 So excited for the conference and to discover a bit more the city! Also, what a pleasant surprise to catch and have a quick chat with and in the lobby of the hotel 😁✌️

I almost missed it but… the Fall is back! 🍂 🎃 And y'know what? It means, it's the ! So I have a message to all my fellow folks: we are awesome, legit and we can be proud of ourselves! 🌈 Now, let's all fight against the bisexual erasure. ✊

These days, I'm exhausted. So tonight I'm watching's Nanette. Even after a dozen times I'm still impressed. Being autistic & queer, your show & itws helped me accept that all of this is not normal. Thank you 🙏🏻 Can't wait to see the new show in Stockholm this Nov ⏳

Thank you so much to all the folks who donated to the scholarship fund during You rocks! And also kudos to, the person running it and making everything possible. ✌️

Hey folks!
Feel free to reach if you are staying for the weekend and would be down for a coffee or a veggie meal discussing accessibility, inclusivity, mental health, career, or any of the great topics discussed during these 3 amazing days! 🤩

Thank you for your amazing talk ✌️ I can relate so much with your feeling of having way too many plates spinning at the same time and the stress it can produce. My impostor syndrome was never as big as these days, so thanks so much for sharing your xp. 🤩

Let’s breakdown our CSS & see what is in our projects.
Wait what?! Are we seriously having rules for Internet Explorer 7 & older?! What about the broken CSS? With our lint tooling I don’t understand how this can go live 🤯 (talk of Thomas Golden)

I’m always so glad to see’s work in presentation and talks related to mental health at work. Your work is amazing and helping so many people struggling every day with ADHD like me!
(Picture from’s talk on impostor syndrome

After a nice walk, I arrived at!
I’m happy to discuss , , & design/dev with y’all folks! Feel free to drop by, I’m shy but happy to chat 😁👌 just look for the blue hair & overalls 👨‍🎤

It’s no secret: I love airports, especially Today, waiting for the flight taking me to, I had the chance to spend some time in the terrasse of the beautiful lounge 🛫 What a view for airport/plane lovers! ♥️

Amazing talk by showing accessibility stats in the Netherlands: without age-related and stroke-related people, 25% of Dutch folks have one degree of disability.

I mean, is there a better place to work on my talk about readability and lower-literacy than the backyard of this queer-owned coffee place in Greenpoint, Brooklyn? @ Odd Fox

Just went out Pokemon: Détective Pikachu. It was WAY better than expected. And seriously, Cubone was exactly how I imagined it as a kid. It was an amazing experience, I just can’t wait for another stories 😁

[alt: Cubone being reached by a Pokeball]

I am so glad to be part of this year edition of the and to attend what looks to be an amazing talk by on accessible service design with Also, what a pleasure to not be the only one they/them speaker in an event 👀

I'm genuinely surprised that this (good btw) content explaining lazy-loading is showing <img> markups w/o the mandatory alt attribute. Yes it's not the goal of the article but would it not be a good way to show you have to have alt?

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