Amazing talk by showing accessibility stats in the Netherlands: without age-related and stroke-related people, 25% of Dutch folks have one degree of disability.

I mean, is there a better place to work on my talk about readability and lower-literacy than the backyard of this queer-owned coffee place in Greenpoint, Brooklyn? @ Odd Fox

Just went out Pokemon: Détective Pikachu. It was WAY better than expected. And seriously, Cubone was exactly how I imagined it as a kid. It was an amazing experience, I just can’t wait for another stories 😁

[alt: Cubone being reached by a Pokeball]

I am so glad to be part of this year edition of the and to attend what looks to be an amazing talk by on accessible service design with Also, what a pleasure to not be the only one they/them speaker in an event 👀

I'm genuinely surprised that this (good btw) content explaining lazy-loading is showing <img> markups w/o the mandatory alt attribute. Yes it's not the goal of the article but would it not be a good way to show you have to have alt?

“Let’s run a quick experimentation with CSS-in-JS and styled components to see why everybody is so hyped about that” Famous last words…
That was nothing but quick, and way more complex than CSS 🤷‍♀️
CSS is great. Why everybody is trying to destroy it?

Really great evening tonight. Meet great folks and’s talk was rly inspirational on what does it mean to be a manager and—in a way—what leadership is. A lot of food for thoughts for my future, but also a lot on gratitude for the my current amazing manager 😁✌️

Had a great evening speaking at next to Content & Contrast, great mix of talks by 👍 🙇🏻‍♂️.
Also I just discovered that I'm part of the schedule for the Dutch Digital Accessibility Congress 🎉
Looking forward to being there! 🙌

Hey folks! Web is a really important topic and we need it today more than ever. That's why I am preparing a Web Accessibility 101 class on It will air in March '19. Want to know more about it? Sign up for my newsletter:

Spending this weekend in was an amazing idea. I am full of energy again even if I am slowly dying from eating 3 to 5 per day 😻

I am so happy 🤓👌 A friend of mine just brought me a gift and it’s a BD from with an amazing custom drawing inside it 😻 I love it 😻 Merci beaucoup Shyle 😻

I am preparing an & workshop for my product & engineering fellows at and I think I lost a bit track of my topic 😅 I started looking for workshop activities and I ended up taking notes abt developing inclusive approach to learning new skills. 🙈

Amazing live performance of at showing her lettering tools and processes while creating wonderful artworks 😳😍

Colorful variable fonts is such an interesting idea to work with, thanks! Especially if you can set your own color palettes: can be great for web readability & user customization! Can’t wait to see this implemented in browsers and play with it!

I’m always amazed by the creativity behind Fit, the “responsive” typeface created by Amazing talk about extreme typography at Already seen it at but even the second time, this talk is fascinating 🙈

The best way to wait for’s talk: playing with an old typewriter at the table in 🙈♥️

Let’s start the day 2 of with a great talk of about the secret of our brain to hear, see and think about everything around us ✌️♥️

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