@molly0xfff do you have a post somewhere describing your cross posting implantation? It looks different than others and I quite like it

Moxie made the argument that federated systems get stuck signal.org/blog/the-ecosystem-

I am curious how mastodon will continue to move forward as it grows in popularity.

TIL there are groups on mastodon and @rust is a group

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This talk by Joao from Fastly about how they scaled their networks is interesting. I think you can replace _networks_ with any sufficiently complicated problem. The thinking behind their approach is the most interesting part. usenix.org/conference/srecon15

Up to my eyes in powerpoint at the moment. What is my life?

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I've been working on a couple of experiments in vector types for that are optimized for narrow width:

github.com/Gankro/thin-vec (1 word wide; requires nightly Rust, but @Gankro is pushing to stabilize the required APIs)

crates.io/crates/mediumvec (2 words wide on 64-bit platforms; works on stable Rust; not highly optimized yet)

Interviewed a person who had a long history in C++. I was wearing one of many shirts and we talked about rust for a little bit. He had never heard of it and said he would check it out. We are making an offer and we don't use C++ or rust, but a cool exchange nonetheless.


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