Is anyone going to who has done Rust on arduino/atmega microcontrollers and would be up for a chat? (I'm wondering how hard it would be to use from Rust)

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@hko I did Rust on an Arduino Due if that counts ;)

@peanut cool! Then you definitely know a lot more about Rust on microcontrollers than I do :) (What did you make? Is your project online?)

@hko i started writing a crate for the board and did a few hello world programs... I got timers,etc working:

@peanut @digital short update: I built (following the instructions there), which was straightforward (but ran for a few hours) and then built - which yielded an .elf file. (had to also "cargo install xargo" and the avr toolchain packages). haven't tried the elf on actual hardware, yet.

@hko and i got a lol-shield working... I should put that source online!

@peanut sounds cool! I'd definitely want to start with "hello world" type programming :) Just looked around some more - looks like there is steady progress for Rust on AVR:

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