@hntooter Currently researching all Github alternatives myself :p

@noah @hntooter GitLab seems to be the best even though Bitbucket is rated higher. The problem with Bitbucket is that it's very "enterprise" looking. GitLab has very low JS requirements and pretty the same features.

@TheOuterLinux @hntooter No project discovery on Gitbcket (self hosted or not). So GitLab seems the stop-gap. But Gogs with Federation is the future (if/when that happens)

@TheOuterLinux @hntooter I see discussions for Mastodon-like federation in Gogs, Gitea and Gitlab repo issues. Many old but picking up in last few days. They suggest W3C standard social events though. I hope I can choose identity-respecting (safe space) public repo servers.

@noah @hntooter GitLab also lets you self-host and is free and open source. You're probably not going to find anything better right now. I started a discussion on Reddit the other day just in case reddit.com/r/commandline/comme. It's the /r/commandline community and I would definitely take their advise before most people on this matter.

@TheOuterLinux @hntooter I did indeed move all my projects over to Gitlab. But I will be moving over to a federated solution once that is working, which could be months or years. github.com/git-federation/gitp

@hntooter Yep. I'm one of them. I moved everything to GitLab and Bitbucket and left a message just in case.

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