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Niko Rosvall @hobo

Planning and thinking how to release Fort ( under an open source license. Core library already is, but what I really want is to make the software completely open source. The problem and the hard part is the fact that I also do need to pay the bills etc. .

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@hobo I'll suggest you watch (you'll get plenty of laughs in addition) and read .

Please tell me how helpful you find them.

@alcinnz The keynote is pretty good. Nothing really new for me in that, but it explains things very well.

@artsyhonker Yeah I actually have a creator account there (related to other stuff I'm doing). I might try the donation route, maybe sell custom programming and support.

@ScottMortimer There is actually. Android code is pretty ready already, and there will be a release during the summer for Android :)

@hobo @david_ross Patrick McKenzie / patio11 on birdsite / has written stuff about getting money as a software dev, and open source.
His advice is mostly "businesses have lots of money, charge them lots"