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Niko Rosvall @hobo

Would you pay for AppImage/Flatpak binary? Given that the source code would be available for free of charge under some liberal license(BSD, MIT etc.).

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@hobo Depends what it is and how much it costs...

@nev Thinking generally really. Some software you use (and what to have the latest upstream version) Say it would cost 20 USD or something :)



I'd prefer having it available in the repo of my distro and in my distro packagers native format (.deb in my case). Whenever I feel for it, I can still donate (and I do that with quite a few projects to keep them up and running).

@nerdhochburg @nev
Yeah. Problem is that 99% of the people do not donate. Which is OK, but what makes me sick is that companies do not donate. That said, I don't think that asking money for AppImage binary solves anything.

@hobo Once I get a stable income, I'd probably start paying for things like this.

But maybe it'd be more useful for you to hear about my experience distributing through elementary' AppCenter (quite a similar concept):

The numbers I have there are:
- 1379 installs + upgrades
- I'd estimate > 50 active installs
- $21 in pre-install donations

All since the start of this year.

@hobo do you know Elementary OS? They're trying to monetize apps, by making it easy to donate. That won't make more companies pay for stuff, but you may get some insights from their blog posts...