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Niko Rosvall

Someone was asking me if Titan is still under development. Absolutely it is, actually more than ever probably. There haven't been a new release for a while, but don't worry 2.0 will be released later this summer.

Securely deleting data from SSD disks..Hmmp. I guess the most sane way is Peter Gutmann’s algorithm.

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3 password managers for the Linux command line
Password managers for people who spend a lot of time in a terminal window.

#floss #security

@nerdhochburg @nev
Yeah. Problem is that 99% of the people do not donate. Which is OK, but what makes me sick is that companies do not donate. That said, I don't think that asking money for AppImage binary solves anything.

@nev Thinking generally really. Some software you use (and what to have the latest upstream version) Say it would cost 20 USD or something :)

Would you pay for AppImage/Flatpak binary? Given that the source code would be available for free of charge under some liberal license(BSD, MIT etc.).

@superruserr Those things are heavy reading...been there done that :) Good luck!

Sometimes companies asks me to modify my own software for their needs. I'm happy to do that, but not for free. See my hourly rates and services.

Shameless self-promotion, but at the moment we're having limited time offer. 25% off from the professional edition.

Someone asks me that if I could restore a lost password which was used to encrypt a file using Fort (my encryption software for Windows). Well, of course I can't restore the password. Or break the encryption. If I could, would you trust the software to encrypt your files? :) It's kind of sad to hear customers loosing their work etc.

@ScottMortimer There is actually. Android code is pretty ready already, and there will be a release during the summer for Android :)

@alcinnz The keynote is pretty good. Nothing really new for me in that, but it explains things very well.

@artsyhonker Yeah I actually have a creator account there (related to other stuff I'm doing). I might try the donation route, maybe sell custom programming and support.

Planning and thinking how to release Fort ( under an open source license. Core library already is, but what I really want is to make the software completely open source. The problem and the hard part is the fact that I also do need to pay the bills etc. .

We just released Fort 4.1 Fort is file encryption and password management software for Windows. Our core components are open source and we're working towards to fully open sourcing everything.