What’s the point of moving to the instance? Does it serve a purpose?

@nvk so moving existing account is possible? Without losing followers?

@hodlonaut you will lose the followers, that's why i change my image/bio there.


It's more of a preventative measure. You don't have to do it, but may as well now just in case starts blocking accounts. Will be more of a pain to move accounts later(loss of toot history etc).

That said, we can interact cross server anyway, so up to you.

@mattodell I understand. Kind of funny though that 1 day into the preventative ‘exodus’ we are already taking new preventative measures on the new platform 😂

@mattodell I’m gonna be a despicable statist and stay on Don’t wanna lose my precious followers

@hodlonaut in addition to other answers, Bitcoin Twitter isn't known for getting along with altcoin Twitter or nocoiner Twitter, but rules heavily try to encourage playing nice. I foresee a potential future where this instance's admins justifiably get frustrated by "crypto" fights and start discouraging futher Bitcoin-related discussion.

@harding I thought the whole point of mastodon was to guarantee free speech? But now I hear the biggest instance censors stuff not deemed to be ‘playing nice’.? Wtf?

@hodlonaut It guarantees free speech by letting anyone run an instance where they can post whatever they, similar to how you can post whatever you want on your personal blog but if comment on my blog I can remove your comment if I don't like it.

@harding Got it. Let’s see how it works out. I might come begging for sanctuary over at before long

@harding @hodlonaut so is bitcoinhacker better than the basic social on Mastodon....wondering if I should switch now and I’m assuming it’s a smooth transition 🤔

@Rejekts @hodlonaut The technical features are the same. The real question is who you want possibly moderating your posts. I don't know @nvk that well, but he it seems to me that he understands the special pressures of the Bitcoin community and so is less likely to react poorly to things we've grown accustomed to doing.

@nvk @Rejekts @hodlonaut 🙌 one of the best mods in Bitcoin.

@hodlonaut @harding
the thing is you can choose any instance you want or even host your own private instance that you can talk to others aka kinda like a bitcoin node. SPV wallets are instances that you trust but better cause you can switch and still kinda communicate to the same instance..
Our run your own and don't get worry about a thing just the cost of running it lol, I think it less than $10 a month?

@hodlonaut censorship resistance. Probably a good idea to move over here now before you have too many followers as will censor anything that is not inline with sjw propaganda

@Ancap Will create an account there this evening. Don’t have my mastodon password available on my mobile

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