Made a new account on instance. Would appreciate it if you gave me a follow

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@hodlonaut hey :) seems like a lot of you are moving. Is there requirements for using the domain? I mean is it to symbolise/"label" one as being active programmer/hacker of the code or more of a broader support label for bitcoin?

@surfrndk @hodlonaut @Hodlonaut its no different really . the instance is just hosted by @nvk so its "closer to home" if you will making it a tighter group, and one where discussion of policies and plans is easy. Otherwise there is no difference from my perspective from the account.

@surfrndk @hodlonaut @Hodlonaut @nvk Also the "local" timeline is less crowded and strictly bitcoin stuff. is much broader.

@surfrndk It's mainly to avoid being censored/blocked by heavy handed SJW censorship on Their rules are not compatible with my version of free speech, and could easily become a problem. @nvk and @Bashco are trusted and skilled moderators and I think they will make a very nice home for bitcoiners on mastodon. No hacking/programming skills required ;)

@Hodlonaut @nvk cool! I'll make one, too, then :)

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