Made a new account on instance. Would appreciate it if you gave me a follow

@Ancap Will create an account there this evening. Don’t have my mastodon password available on my mobile

I’m just gonna go ahead and call this a tweet. Toot is not gonna work for me. Same with boost and favorite.

@harding Got it. Let’s see how it works out. I might come begging for sanctuary over at before long

@harding I thought the whole point of mastodon was to guarantee free speech? But now I hear the biggest instance censors stuff not deemed to be ‘playing nice’.? Wtf?

@mattodell I’m gonna be a despicable statist and stay on Don’t wanna lose my precious followers

@mattodell I understand. Kind of funny though that 1 day into the preventative ‘exodus’ we are already taking new preventative measures on the new platform 😂

@nvk so moving existing account is possible? Without losing followers?

@BTC_Is_Freedom Yes, creating a fallback in case Twitter descends into complete totalitarian garbage is definitely a timely thing to do

What’s the point of moving to the instance? Does it serve a purpose?

@BTC_Is_Freedom To be fair, most of CT isn’t moving, more like claiming their username and having a look.

Unpopular opinion: Most shitcoins are not dying and will pump again when big daddy bitcoin gets it shit together.

If true, means this moment represent incredible opportunity to increase btc stack…

Back in early 2013 I mined on Slush Pool with a Radeon 5850 card. After about a month I mined a block (kicked myself for not solo mining - would have netted me 25BTC)

Today it would take on average 2.3 million years for that same card to mine a block.

We have come a long way in five years.

@MosterRejekts legends are made from typos. Just ask hodl. Embrace the moster 😛

@samouraidev This! Problem is most of the community are rather new, making it the old guard’s duty to inform and remind of the bad actors of the past. I feel people like Gavin have been let off the hook way too easy

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