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@harding @samourai_official @FreePietje Sadly, it's also an excellent metaphor of Bittrex confiscating the coins of hundred of Iranian users for months without even answering their tickets. twitter.com/Ziya_Sadr/status/1

Why is BTCC talked about so much by Bitcoin people? I feel like it's an inside joke I'm not getting or something. Or at least I hope it is

This tweet is spot on and cleared up everything I was thinking about the ETF 😁

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Just finished the latest Noded pod about ETFs....going to have to listen to that one again. I don't know how to feel about any of that in terms of bitcoins future. Very thought provoking 👏👏👏

I hope he bought some since these tweets otherwise he might not be a fan of us bitcoiners 😬😬😬

Thanks to my local feed I've discovered that people upset with Twitter for not censoring enough people have been moving over to Mastodon too.


Grabbed some Python and C++ books. Time to see if this Java developer has the chops to play with the big boys

I let a lot of shitcoin talk slide on my Twitter feed, but if Mastodon is going to be any fun for me that's all going to be muted/unfollowed. I don't care

I've seen some on Twitter criticize that Mastodon will just be a Bitcoin echo chamber...I really hope they're right!

I love this idea! Mainly because I can just hide over here and not do any of that other stuff haha cc @stephanlivera

Hey @nvk I notice when I try and look at following/followers of people on your instance I can't see anyone from your instance only those who are Mastodon dot social like myself or follow me. More reason to make the switch to your instance...but is that a setting on your end admin wise at all?

Looks like @beautyon is already gone from here...that was outrageously fast to get shut down...

@beautyon your toots stopped showing on Twitter after "The way of the Samourai..." FYI

I've got an early adopter advantage in followers here which I think I'll hold onto a while longer before switching instances and having that go away hahaha (more followers here in three days than Twitter all-time by a lot)

Very interested to see if this can become an active bitcoin discussion platform. A few hours in and I certainly enjoy the concept/experience. The mobile app (Tusky) is a seamless transition from Twitter app as well!👏👏👏


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