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I'm really happy to answer questions or sanity-check an image description for anybody who asks (time and energy permitting of course).

With of course the caveat that visual impairment covers a huge range of conditions as well as personalities; I can't speak for all of us!

There's a bit of an art to image description but it's really a skill that can be learned.

I just made myself some tea and boiled some extra water so she has enough for her next cup of coffee. At least that way I know it's been heated recently. She doesn't even stir it so I have to hope it's hot enough for the coffee to dissolve!

My mom did it too. They seem to think the kettle heats the water without anybody having to turn it on??

LB was too good not to boost, but it's an image that wasn't described. It says:

Remember kids, to be NICE
Never help

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Just in case anyone needed a reminder

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Definitely been around my parents too long: I'm saying "what the heck" even when I'm by myself now. And "oh jeez."

Kinda fun being the stereotypical Minnesota again though.

LB: Which, of course, none of them pronounce "mom."

(I still do, especially when I'm talking about my own one. Sometimes if I'm talking about the British person's, I'll say mum or mam or mother or whatever they say (unless it's mummy, I can't do that).)

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you can dox a british person just by carefully listening to the way they pronounce the word "mom"
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acting against fascists Show more

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call out the racist white woman in the store. call out the transphobic/cissexist white woman in the bathroom (if ur cis).

or talk to the victim and help them get out of the situation. more often than not your whiteness (or cisness) will protect you from any further action on the harassers part.

use your privilege to uplift and aid marginalized folks.

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i think white women need to do more work amongst ourselves tbh

i think we often forget (or maybe even intentionally ignore) how important our whiteness is and our role is history re:oppression and violence.

our presumed innocence and fragility (something not often granted to nonwhite women) protects us too often from accountability.

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cis white women are my mortal enemies. Show more

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Please stop calling the police to report black people existing.

Fittingly for World Nystagmus Day, mine is making my eyes extra sore and tired so I need to go listen to an audiobook. If you like, you can read my answers to some questions about nystagmus (it's pretty long so don't feel bad if you don't want to read it!): hollymath.dreamwidth.org/2017/

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i imagine if there was a "trans person's prayer" it would go

i will survive so i can be me
i will survive so i can be me
i will survive so i can be me

It does me no harm for my dad to eat his food in whatever unexpected way he wants, because he's not imposing it on anyone else. And my mom is happy with her coffee.

But I find things like this so bizarre and confusing, trying to keep up with their (always unspoken of course!) trains of thought is exhausting for me. And these things are happening constantly.

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Food Show more

I know Americans don't have electric kettles but we do know how instant coffee works, yet my dad has just made my mom some with...lukewarm water?

The mind boggles.