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Holly @hollyamory

Part of the reason the default has been fine for me is that I feel totally overwhelmed by the choice of instances.

I don't fit enough of the stereotypes (I'm not a witch or an anarchist or a techie or anything!) to have any idea where I'd fit in.

I am queer though and I'm discovering lately that my tolerance for cisheteronormativity is GONE. I'm disabled and would love to hear from more disabled mastonauts.

I will probably do nothing about this now but if you have suggestions I'm up for them!

@hollyamory I feel you, I'd love a more active writer instance, but I honestly like social because of all the difference people here. I am not sure I want to be part of a niche instance. But the drama is tiresome. Although it will happen and blow over.

I already have a lot of friends there...but I thought new people couldn't sign up now? Or has that changed again?

@hollyamory I think people who throw money at the server's Patreon get an account.

@hollyamory I’m not on lgbt.io but it seems like a groovy place for avoiding cusheteronormativity.