When READING poetry, do you prefer poems that are

Wow, it's like, "How can we make our stuff worse and less user friendly every day" over there, @jackyan ...



Why am I suddenly being followed by 4 or 5 pornbots on Mastodon?? Eeek!! I'm no prude, but also really not interested and won't follow back.

So, Hell over today. It was beautiful. My 21 year old made his first snowman. I even let him throw a snow ball at me. Drew the line at signing the back yard.


I'm pretty sure all of the places on this list are pretty full of people already. Well, probably except for Google+. 😏

Mastodon doesn't use smart algorithms to fill my feed with 'interesting content' and yet I find more interesting things here than on twitter.

Note to twitter: Keep It Simple, Stupid.

So, 103 toots in, it's time for an is it? Data miner, author, blogger, wife, mother, intrepid web explorer. Want to know more? jahangiri.us/2013/100-good-thi

Thanks again, everyone, for making me feel so welcome. (And thanks for reminding me about this place, @Nobilis )

/me runs off for a bit to write and celebrate the fact that her cognitive function isn't quite as impaired as she thought it was a few hours ago! :D

@Nobilis Mystery solved! That was 10/6/2016! Not just two months ago.

So, everyone, meet @fernweh (she totally followed me here, which is awesome, since I could barely find my way back)... @kemonine has been helping me get my bearings and gave me great suggestions on who to follow here. And you may already know @Nobilis from that other place that shall not be named...

Well, this has been too much fun. It's getting dark, and there's not a chance in hell I'll hit my 50K words by midnight, now, unless I dump all my Twitter, Facebook, mastodon, and messenger posts into a word doc and call it a dream sequence, so... yeah. :) How'd you do, @Nobilis ? I actually gave up weeks ago - have a pinched nerve in my neck and it's making parts of my hand feel very weirdly numb, like they're just coming off Novocain and about to hurt like hell. Only...they're not.

That Federated timeline is a little scary. Kind of like the Twitter firehose. :)

Is there a way to pause the stream? If it starts filling up too fast?

You know this was designed by programmers when the filter says "Filter out by regular expressions." Probably good practice for my day job.


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