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10 years ago we had steve jobs, bob hope, and jack twitter

fellas is actually the feminine form. to talk about da boiz you gotta use fellos

not going to look into it but i'm pretty sure David Bowie never did or said anything wrong. And that's wonderful

My wife is living rent free in my heart.


[PUBLIC CALLOUT] me and a couple of wild fellas are flying an airplane towards MK's house

Every single person that has facilitated Greta Van Fleet's career need to be lined up against a brick wall.

Pointing a gun at the screen I won't stop

Women invented being incel. Yet another reason why the best gender to be is still Guy. Not reading replies to this.

irony poisoning is good it lets you say things like pee pee poo poo hilary clintons stinky pussy should be kept OUT of the oval office

Trading in my GF points for carbon credits<3 make a difference

"visceral." "raw." "exhausting." these are just some of the words people are using.

Just finished vice shout out to dick cheney a true political baller

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