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Okay I might as well put this on here! My commission info, if you’re interested you can email me at! Once it’s finished I’ll send you a preview of the image and see if there’s any changes you’d like, and when that’s done I’ll send an invoice through PayPal and email the high res pic to you once it’s paid! :)

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i’m broke and no longer have a job :( if anyone is able to send me any support so i can stay on my feet while i look for a new job i’d really, really appreciate the help!!!!

Moneybegging :boost_ok:​ 

i said my december post would be the last but that’s before i learned i no longer had a job so i don’t have much choice right now (i’m sorry!)

if you can donate even a little to help me live this month i’d be so grateful. elis comes back to uni so i’ll be living with him more and i’ll have to spend more money on food and i need to be in the positive numbers with my final pay so i’m not overdrawn by the end of the month. any little helps

(changed bc my pharmacy needs to order the meds for me) hewwo i need to pay for my T tomorrow it’s a private prescription so i need to pay per vial and i’m in my overdraft so i’d appreciate it if i could get any help now i don’t have an income hhh it’s gonna be about £30 for 6 vials x

i took an uber and the payment failed and i feel awful pls pls help me out if you can i need to be able to pay (and tip) as soon as possible

travel costs + overdraft fees have taken me over my overdraft again??? i’m so confused and i feel really dumb lmao… and i sound like a broken record at this point. anyway i’d really appreciate any help if that’s possible… i promise this is the last time i bother y’all with this shit i just really really need as much of this next paycheque i can possibly get bc i really don’t want to make posts like this anymore after this year lol

i’m working late tonight and i need to get an uber but i can’t afford it, i’d appreciate any help if that’s possible??

fuck okay i’m over my overdraft limit which is very very bad please please if you can help me out i’d be so grateful i don’t know what to do

hewwo my paypal balance is in the negatives and i’m near my overdraft limit, i’d appreciate if anyone could help me out somehow :( i need as much of my next pay as i can possibly get so this doesn’t happen again, sorry for making another post it makes me feel like a bad person especially so close to the holidays lmao but i’m just very desperate right now 🥺

shit my paypal also has a negative balance 🤠

i just need to be able to survive another week and then i should be okay but it would be nice if i could have a lil help if it’s possible? i know it’s the worst possible time of year to ask lmao

i’m sorry to ask in december of all months ffs but it’s very very desperate now i’ve had to pay for all of elis’ groceries etc the past few months so it’s just worn me down i :(((

i now only have £1 hahahaha someone who owes me literally £80 irl is refusing to even speak to me let alone give me money bc we called her out on being an ableist dickhead and every time i ask for money she says she’ll send it and never does :)))) i also need as much of my next pay as is physically possible bc i’ll only have a couple days to get presents bc i’m paid on the 20th and my mom’s birthday is the 19th so i haven’t. been able to get her anything AAA

please help i only have £3 left of my overdraft and i literally won’t be able to get to work :((((((

hellooo i’ve been paying a lot towards helping elis with his funds this month bc he’s been really struggling as a student but my overdraft allowance is small so i’m near my limit, if anyone could help me out i’d appreciate it so much :(

requesting financial help 

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