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Jon Erik @honestlyjon

I think it’s important to quit framing Mastodon as a Twitter replacement. They both have different uses!

Mastodon’s where you go to build/find community in a decentralized space, while Twitter’s where you go to emulate the feeling of sticking your head into a boiling vat of cooking oil.

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@honestlyjon there are some very fine people on both sides

@honestlyjon Twitter is where you get banned. Mastodon is where you switch instances. 😂

@honestlyjon On Twitter, you stick your head in a vat of boiling oil, while bigots celebrate and nobody else notices or even reacts.

@honestlyjon I shared this on the birdsite too. Hope that ok.

@honestlyjon To me it is a bit like the comparison of Facebook and Diaspora*. The one is rather the commercial shit, where you will see everyone and are seen by everyone, whilst the other is the kitchenparty, where you meet interesting people to share ideas and thoughts with.

@honestlyjon or to check what the fake followers have to say

@honestlyjon hey now, some people like sticking their head into a boiling vat of cooking oil