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sorry i moved again!

hello all!

i have a new glitchy project up and running to tell you about!

here's the deal:

i set up another mastodon instance and it lives at

and it is running a fork of mastodon found at

if i think you're trustworthy, i'll give you write access

for now i will be the only one who can deploy the changes to the server, but i'd like to change that pretty quick

anyway hit me with your thoughts, and feel free to boost!

my dream features for mastodon are still as follows, in order of importance to me:
-federated private posts
-lists viewed as a timeline in third column
-pinned toots
-quote toots
-keyword muting (lowest cuz i have a tampermonkey script for it)

boost if you agree with these, or at the least the private posts one, cuz i want that one Dang Now

note: i have 3 mark of the lotus, 2 power of the wild, cuz those were Really The Best Options Given

mark of the lotus/power of the wild is surprisingly good with fire fly and doppelgangster, im proud of my deck building even with Shite luck, im 2/0 so far

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(boosts own selfie) pay attention to meeee