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Hi @hook @lanodan_mtd I'm the main dev of « Salut à Toi » and I've just seen this thread.

Regarding political aspect you can check salut-a-toi.org/social_contrac . We try to think about implications of technology on our daily life ("technology is not neutral"), we are organized in non-profit association collegial committee, and we generally try to debate about these things.

Note that we are friends with .

After a week, I decided to retire my account. Was fun to try it and there’s certainly a user base for it, just not my cuppa tea…

Mastodon seems to Twittery for my taste. I’m not sure I’ll be visiting it often.

Still I can very much see there being a market for that.

@lanodan_mtd Do you have a specific use case for SàT or Movim that they fulfil for you?

Stil unsure whether or gool 'ol is better suited for modern online social networks.

Some good points for XMPP:

Finished the last batch of Vahdam’s Second Flush Enigma Assam .

Down-side: I’m out of nice Assams

Up-side: I wrote a review of all ten Assams I tried so far from that Indian tea company:

@bes Hullo! Let’s see if Mastodon to GNU Social works fine :)

Also: happy new year, dude! :D

@Gargron A truly FOSS alternative would be Riot.js.


(Great work on Mastodon, BTW! :D)

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@Gargron Regarding using React.JS – you are aware of its overly restrictive patent license?


Since identi.ca moved from to , many of the popular stopped having a home – e.g. !linux still links to identi.ca/group/56/id which doesn’t exist any more. How does this work?

…also we have to make that name a thing! XD

Sorry about the multi-toots, I received 500 errors and didn’t see them in my Home column.

Does support groups just as GNU Social does? (e.g. !mastodon could be one)

@Triplefox, sorry to bug you again …but do I get it right that the “Public timeline” on this Mastodon instance shows the public posts from **all** the Mastodont, StatusNet/GNU Social servers that have federation enabled?

If so, does it do that also for other federated servers? There is/was a plan to federate between GNU Social, Red, Friendica and Diaspora AFAICR.

Any people here? Has anyone spotted any Mastodon client for it yet?

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So it seems work, but are luckily not very prominently used :]

Hmmm, so emoji don’t work out of the box. Are, gulp, a here?

Hmmm, is there any markup for Mastodon? MarkDown it ain’t, I noticed :]

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