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hook @hook

After a week, I decided to retire my account. Was fun to try it and there’s certainly a user base for it, just not my cuppa tea…

Mastodon seems to Twittery for my taste. I’m not sure I’ll be visiting it often.

Still I can very much see there being a market for that.

@lanodan_mtd Right, but isn’t Movim the same in this respect?

@lanodan_mtd Do you have a specific use case for SàT or Movim that they fulfil for you?

@lanodan_mtd The multi-interface bit I can very much get behind. What’re the political choices you refer to?

@lanodan_mtd How so? …apart from its choice of programming language?

@lanodan_mtd (and previously ) sure do sell it very well, yes. And the new MIX extension(?) sounds promising.

Stil unsure whether or gool 'ol is better suited for modern online social networks.

Some good points for XMPP:

Finished the last batch of Vahdam’s Second Flush Enigma Assam .

Down-side: I’m out of nice Assams

Up-side: I wrote a review of all ten Assams I tried so far from that Indian tea company:

@loki @chu

Nextcloud (Dropbox, Google Docs etc. etc. replacement):

MediaGoblin (Flickr, Picassa replacement):

Wallabag (Pocket, Read It Later replacement):

There’s a few useful lists online for such replacements. Probably the most known is: prism-break.org/

@bob Olimex is nice in this aspect – they actually develop their boards in the open and (nowadays) even use KiCAD.

e.g. see: github.com/OLIMEX/OLINUXINO/tr

@lambadalambda Cmus looks similar to Herrie, good call! :D

@xj9 Yeah, there’s Elisa now being done, which is not as feature-full as Amarok, but lighter, more modern and coherent:

(also I forgot to mention Juk – I used that one for quite some time)

@xj9 Amarok (both of them). Now that was a powerhouse! Too bad it’s barely maintained now :/

Before that: Noatun, Herrie and Workman :)

Never could get used to Tomahawk, even though on paper it sounds awesome.

Most of my music I stream from Jamendo, Ektoplazm and similar netlabels, so it’s hard to find a decent player :/

@xj9 Songbird was pretty cool, yeah. Was probably my 2nd fave player.

@bes looking forward to bumping into you at :D

@bes Hullo! Let’s see if Mastodon to GNU Social works fine :)

Also: happy new year, dude! :D

@Gargron A truly FOSS alternative would be Riot.js.


(Great work on Mastodon, BTW! :D)