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hook @hook

After a week, I decided to retire my #Mastodon account. Was fun to try it and there’s certainly a user base for it, just not my cuppa tea…

Mastodon seems to Twittery for my taste. I’m not sure I’ll be visiting it often.

Still I can very much see there being a market for that.

@lanodan_mtd That’s pretty cool, yup.

@lanodan_mtd Right, but isn’t Movim the same in this respect?

@lanodan_mtd Do you have a specific use case for SàT or Movim that they fulfil for you?

@lanodan_mtd The multi-interface bit I can very much get behind. What’re the political choices you refer to?

@lanodan_mtd How so? …apart from its choice of programming language?

@lanodan_mtd #Movim (and previously #Jappix) sure do sell it very well, yes. And the new MIX extension(?) sounds promising.

Stil unsure whether #GnuSocial or gool 'ol #XMPP is better suited for modern online social networks.

Some good points for XMPP:

Finished the last batch of Vahdam’s Second Flush Enigma Assam #tea.

Down-side: I’m out of nice Assams

Up-side: I wrote a review of all ten Assams I tried so far from that Indian tea company:

@loki @chu

Nextcloud (Dropbox, Google Docs etc. etc. replacement):

MediaGoblin (Flickr, Picassa replacement):

Wallabag (Pocket, Read It Later replacement):

There’s a few useful lists online for such replacements. Probably the most known is: prism-break.org

@bob Olimex is nice in this aspect – they actually develop their boards in the open and (nowadays) even use KiCAD.

e.g. see: github.com/OLIMEX/OLINUXINO/tr

@lambadalambda Cmus looks similar to Herrie, good call! :D

@xj9 Yeah, there’s Elisa now being done, which is not as feature-full as Amarok, but lighter, more modern and coherent:

(also I forgot to mention Juk – I used that one for quite some time)

@xj9 Amarok (both of them). Now that was a powerhouse! Too bad it’s barely maintained now :/

Before that: Noatun, Herrie and Workman :)

Never could get used to Tomahawk, even though on paper it sounds awesome.

Most of my music I stream from Jamendo, Ektoplazm and similar netlabels, so it’s hard to find a decent player :/

@xj9 Songbird was pretty cool, yeah. Was probably my 2nd fave player.

@bes looking forward to bumping into you at #FOSDEM :D

@bes Hullo! Let’s see if Mastodon to GNU Social works fine :)

Also: happy new year, dude! :D

@Gargron A truly FOSS alternative would be Riot.js.


(Great work on Mastodon, BTW! :D)