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Heads up: I'm mostly @rey at this point. If you're following me here, but aren't following me there, you'll miss out on most stuff.

Living the Federated Life (tm) =^.^=


Be advised that is indeed unreachable, and has been for the last half hour or so. This is an issue upstream of us.

Linode's incident page for this incident:

Heads up: I'm mostly @rey at this point. If you're following me here, but aren't following me there, you'll miss out on most stuff.

Living the Federated Life (tm) =^.^=

Haaaaa sorry about that, gentle users; I suspect I had a setting that was Bad and it took awhile before it finally hit. Maybe. IDK, I just work here.

here's a full log message:

this all started when i did a very smol modest change that shouldn't have affected anything, but now i can't even revert

ok, so my mastodon instance is now throwing 500s on every page load and the logs are helpfully like

[7eb6caf9-6618-42de-b8af-3200ec95f069] method=GET path=/ format=html controller=HomeController action=index status=500 error='ActionView::Template::Error: undefined method `protocol' for nil:NilClass' duration=43.84 view=0.00 db=10.70

what the f

So I'm gonna give this running-an-instance thing a try. @rey is me, wooo

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Back when I was active on Usenet it was considered pretty normal to have house rules for any newsgroup, you were also expected to refrain from posting long enough to notice and learn the unspoken customs (this was called "lurking").

Nowadays people see it as an orchestrated attack against free speech, shout references to 1984, and threaten to move elsewhere.

Yet the ones asking us all to behave politely are called "hypersensitive"?

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> People often don't realize how important it was to OSS that it was preceded by decades of easy access to programming tools and resources meant for absolute beginners.

> OSS needs FPGAs, and FPGAs need what programming had back in the 1980s: an on-ramp.

Man this looks really cool. Am excite.

I wasn't in the initial group asking for it, but I've appreciated political posts being behind CW. Literally the entire rest of the internet is full of that when I want to become informed. I enjoy having a space set apart.

"when is someone going to build a wedding registry service on top of Octopart" MT @maradydd

One morning, you wake up only to find that all photographs of you have a cat where you used to be. You show them to your friends, and they shrug indifferently, saying "yeah, that is a photo of you, what's the big deal?"

The REAL 7 habits of highly successful people:

1) Being born into a rich family
2) Not having to face discrimination
3) Going to a private school with exceptional support
4) Going to an exclusive university where you can build contacts with other rich people and get opportunities most people don't have
5) Having good credit history because you've never struggled to pay bills, making it easy for you to get investments
6) Financial safety nets
7) Politicians bend over backwards for you

Me: in the beginning was the word, and-
Audience: was the word 'awoo'?
Me: *rifles through several pages of expository discourse* ...yes, it was awoo

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