FYI this is an actual rubber stamp available in my store! 😁

@hootalex Always link your store when you mention it! Otherwise I can't buy this excellent stamp.

@WAHa_06x36 @hootalex bought the stamp *and* the purple owl patch, which is quite lovely!

@ketmorco @WAHa_06x36 Thank you so much for your support and for sharing this!!! 😍

@hootalex I miss read the stamp at the beginning, and now I am slightly disappointed. Lovely stamp on the other hand.

@Aurochs I must know what you thought it said before! And thank you! 😆

@hootalex I just thought that instead of "for you" the rubber stamp said "fu** you" XD

@hootalex So cute !! (And so great to see you here on Mastodon)

@hootalex I saw this last week and ordered one immediately and it just came and it’s so so good!!! I think we’re going to use it on our wedding invitations

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