Sticker Poll!

@PhoebeWallerPalladino Thank you!!! I’m leaning more Quail myself. As much as I wanted the envelope-headed owl to work the Quail has so much personality!

@hootalex The Quail Service sticker looks best, but Postowl Service is the superior pun.

@hootalex – Truth be told, I love them both, but decided that quail mail was more unusual than post by owl, so voted for that.

@hootalex I'm not from there, I like both, but I lean towards the Quail - looks more "friendly" than the Owl (which looks a bit severe, with the envelope pun). Both are lovely though!

@hootalex quail because of the bag. But they are both very nice

@hootalex I'd like if the one on the right conformed to the color scheme of the left.


Come to think of it I feel that way about everything... 🤔

@TiKXI I think because I tried to make his head into an envelope 😆

@hootalex good design anyway, bidgeon looks happy and owl looks angry that's the first thing I noticed :)

@hootalex I prefer the friendliness of the quail, but responded better to “Post Owl”. I’m under caffeinated enough this morning to have missed “Quail” rhyming with “Mail” for a bit.

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