Hey and Mastodon

I’m a World Lead on . I manage talented artists, defining player journey and building incredible worlds for Destiny raiders including Kingsfall, WotM, Leviathan, Eater of Worlds, Spire of Stars, and Last Wish. Before raids, I worked on Cosmodrome and the Dreadnaught.

My previous credits include Counter-Strike: Global Offensive , Left 4 Dead 2, and Defense Grid.

I also make for fun.

@hopps You had my curiosity with the Left 4 Dead part

Now, with that cute puppy on your avatar, you have my attention

@hopps Woah, am i or are you really here, an actual from .net ? 😶

THAT is . 😍

I am curious to see more from you in the Future. 😉

@BranTarik @hopps That may be the real problem on the Fediverse... You don't know if it's a real account or a fake one :blobcattilt:

@Vetra @hopps Yepp, that was kinda my next Though too after reading his Profile... 🤔

Time will tell or maybe can confirm his in some Way that is . 😎

@Vetra I did some Digging/Searching on this and found out that HE is in fact the real Deal. on .net for sure. 😃 😎

Got some DM's with Someone to brought some Light in to the Dark and Myths around this of @hopps 😈

Seems to be is just a quiet One at and , maybe because of his i guess. 🙄

@BranTarik @Vetra added my Mastodon to my Twitter account profile @kingkeoua, though I’m not verified on there

@hopps , that make kinda Sense, why you are so quiet at least. 🙄 😉

Maybe you should Verify then, by yourself on the . 😆

@hopps I’m a huge fan of destiny! I’m super excited for forsaken!

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