During Petra's Run attempts yesterday, someone mentioned they wished the moving shields around the Vault Security Mechanism killed players. AAMOF: a bug with it's animation once turned the VSM into a god damn blender. It was hilarious but very broken.

So Mastodon, how do I find communities with my interests (gaming, Destiny, video game design, art, etc). Do I have to put in the work hunting down hashtags? Was signing up on Mastodon.social a mistake given my interests? Mastodon seems like its way cleaner but you have to put in a lot more work to create an enjoyable feed.

‪4,064,231,406,647,572,522,401,601 possible wish combinations?‬

I meant it when I said good luck brute forcing ‪🙃


“It sounds so simple, but Last Wish marries the best parts of every Destiny raid before it.” Someone was spying on our design preproduction meetings 🤔


Congrats to Clan Redeem on another Destiny Raid Worlds First - their 3rd Raid release Worlds First plus a Prestige mode Worlds First.



The Last Wish Raid has just become the longest Destiny World First Raid race to date, toppling VoGs 14 hour World First time. No end in sight.

We launched our new Raid today in and it has been a blast watching the race for Worlds First. Let me know if you’re watching!

Less than 24hrs until Forsaken launch, taking a few days off to grind hard and then it’s back to work. We’re already focused on some awesome new things.

Now, what's cooler than depositing motes?
I can't hear ya. I say what's... what's cooler... than depositing motes?

@gsora@bsd.network @dog@nulled.red yes, we were super careful to maintain sightlines, cover footprint, etc but on some maps, improvements were made such as the new stairwell in de_dust underpass. de_nuke and de_train got a bunch of rework to improve competitiveness.

@gsora@bsd.network @dog@nulled.red I haven’t played in a long time but I did see the updates! I’m loving all of the facelifts, they are super clean and have a cohesive art style. They cleaned up a lot of gameplay area noise, too, though there’s probably more detail than players would like in some key sightlines. The artists at Valve are some of the best in the world!

@gsora@bsd.network @dog@nulled.red that was really when Valve was testing the water with our art team. I did a bunch of props for the game, but probably my most identifiable is the stuffed elephants from the carnival.

@BranTarik @Vetra added my Mastodon to my Twitter account profile @kingkeoua, though I’m not verified on there

@dog@nulled.red As an employee of Hidden Path, I got to work closely with the crazy talent at Valve on updating CS:Source maps to a new fidelity standard. I owned the updates for de_aztec, de_dust2, cs_italy, de_vertigo, and a few others. My name is, embarrassingly, still on the mailbox in cs_italy. I’ve been waiting for Randy Lundeen to remove it 😂

Hey and Mastodon

I’m a World Lead on . I manage talented artists, defining player journey and building incredible worlds for Destiny raiders including Kingsfall, WotM, Leviathan, Eater of Worlds, Spire of Stars, and Last Wish. Before raids, I worked on Cosmodrome and the Dreadnaught.

My previous credits include Counter-Strike: Global Offensive , Left 4 Dead 2, and Defense Grid.

I also make for fun.

Who else got time with Gambit during the open preview?? What did you think?

Only 2 more days until Forsaken!

Launch trailer, patch notes, new vidoc THE HYPE IS SO REAL RIGHT NOW #destiny2

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