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a thing that has freaked me out since I was a kid 

@ItsJenNotGabby @zoetropeexplosn @balrogboogie Have you tried being non-binary?

if rioters get declared enemy combatants, does that mean the cops will have to start following the geneva convention, which forbids use of tear gas

my friend, sobbing: you can't just call random things a panopticon
me: [pointing at a prison] panopticon

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My brother's hospital in Kansas City is refusing n95 masks for anybody except critically ill patients. He's a cardiologist there.

He told the management to go fuck themselves. He's not treating patients until his crew gets N95 masks. He doesn't want to spread it around.

When they did the Stanford prison experiment, did they factor in that people that go to Stanford are probably just assholes?

"You're not stuck in traffic, you are traffic."

Something I never thought that Gavin Newsom would say..


Is it a coincidence that it's overwhelmingly white people on Masto who compare Trump favorably with Biden?

Downstairs neighbours must also be working from home now because it’s the middle of the work day, they’re blasting Donna Summer at a completely unacceptable volume, and I am THIS CLOSE to knocking on their front door and demanding that they show some respect and turn it up

With the lack of sporting events available, i've decided to start a cockfighting ring in my apartment

For all you PETA freaks out there, the "cocks" are penises. it's a bunch of people jamming their penises together. i make money off live stream revenue, i don't give a shit who wins (although i guess you could say society wins)

@lj_writes @zenhob I'm a fairly new parent and it is definitely a selfish choice to become one even though the experience of parenting is largely one of selflessness

Also we have friends who are choosing not to become parents, and the love and support they provide us and our kiddo as "chosen family" is beyond amazing

We all get to have exactly the relationship that we want and that fills our respective cups to love this child as best we're able, and it's, like, painfully beautiful

Trans folks, how does drag make you feel?

If you aren't trans, maybe give us a boost? :)

#poll #trans #gender #transgender

Pol, bitter 

If you are "no politics uwu", you're living in a fantasy land. Please participate in the real world, it needs you

us pol.. So that happened!! 

And you need to earn the trust of those your actions have hurt the most. You need to prove you can put your ego aside and work relentlessly towards the change you want to see in the world.

Then, maybe then, black people to trust your judgement and vote their hopes instead of their fears and we can stop electing milquetoast centrists like Biden everytime there's a shitgibbon or C+ Augustus in the White House.

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us pol.. So that happened!! 

Your job as voters doesn't end when you elect a President. You have to fight tooth and nail to build public support to pass the laws that need to be passed and to gatecrash the gatekeeper who inevitably look to build a bubble around those in power. That bubble needs to be pierced loudly and publicly every day till the next election, both in public and in private. This "take your ball and go home" bullshit will not advance your cause.

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us pol.. So that happened!! 

So, dear white voter, when you decide not to vote for Biden in this election, know full-well that not everybody has white privilege to retreat to when their own personal whims and fancies are not indulged in by people whose very existence is threatened by the prospects of electoral defeat. You may think that you're doing everyone a favor by withholding your precious vote from Biden in the general election, but we all know what you are doing and we don't trust you.

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us pol.. So that happened!! 

Older black people especially Southern older black people still live largely under the yoke of Jim Crow and state sponsored violence on their communities and they decided to go with the safest choice possible. They are not voting their hopes and dreams like the white people throwing a tantrum about Bernie's losses. To them, this is a matter of life and death and they're choosing whoever they think has the best chance among white people. They're not taking any chances.

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us pol.. So that happened!! 

The people most affected by the shitgibbon's policies, aka black women and black men decided to take matters into their own hands and account for the inability of white people to vote for a woman the first time round, threw their support behind the one democrat that they felt would hear them and see them and will listen to their concerns after getting elected. Bernie with his class-not-race bullshit and socialist label did not help.

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us pol.. So that happened!! 

Bernie, an independent who contested a second time in a party he contributed nothing to at the state and national level, decided that he'd parlay a ceiling of 30% support in the Democratic party into a plurality of delegates at the convention and then kick up a shitstorm at any sign of resistance, feeding his followers a steady stream of unrealistic bullshit that he showed no capability of accomplishing in his long career and gaslighting rank and file democrats.

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