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a thing that has freaked me out since I was a kid 

@ItsJenNotGabby @zoetropeexplosn @balrogboogie Have you tried being non-binary?

The entire US based left suffers from this strange form of Same Brain Syndrome, where everyone must unilaterally agree to one rigid set of political dogma or else they are as bad as fash and being overly Online really exacerbates this, especially on a platform where most everyone suffers from unresolved or in progress healing trauma. Our brains really were not meant to process this much information that we have now.

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uspol, schools, COVID-19 

‘The Photo Does Not Look Good’: Georgia School’s Crowded Halls Go Viral - The New York Times

just thinking about the abysmal state of child care in the US

every time I hear people talking about having to get on a wait list for daycare or Pre-K or some shit I'm shook

hot take but it's an easily solvable problem too just like schools, hire an army of well paid childcare professionals

Bath and Body Works siding with white supremacists who complain about leftist workers that allegedly ""accost"" customers over political masks. They aint been shit for a while but thats a new low.

if rioters get declared enemy combatants, does that mean the cops will have to start following the geneva convention, which forbids use of tear gas

my friend, sobbing: you can't just call random things a panopticon
me: [pointing at a prison] panopticon

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My brother's hospital in Kansas City is refusing n95 masks for anybody except critically ill patients. He's a cardiologist there.

He told the management to go fuck themselves. He's not treating patients until his crew gets N95 masks. He doesn't want to spread it around.

When they did the Stanford prison experiment, did they factor in that people that go to Stanford are probably just assholes?

"You're not stuck in traffic, you are traffic."

Something I never thought that Gavin Newsom would say..


Is it a coincidence that it's overwhelmingly white people on Masto who compare Trump favorably with Biden?

Downstairs neighbours must also be working from home now because it’s the middle of the work day, they’re blasting Donna Summer at a completely unacceptable volume, and I am THIS CLOSE to knocking on their front door and demanding that they show some respect and turn it up

With the lack of sporting events available, i've decided to start a cockfighting ring in my apartment

For all you PETA freaks out there, the "cocks" are penises. it's a bunch of people jamming their penises together. i make money off live stream revenue, i don't give a shit who wins (although i guess you could say society wins)

@lj_writes @zenhob I'm a fairly new parent and it is definitely a selfish choice to become one even though the experience of parenting is largely one of selflessness

Also we have friends who are choosing not to become parents, and the love and support they provide us and our kiddo as "chosen family" is beyond amazing

We all get to have exactly the relationship that we want and that fills our respective cups to love this child as best we're able, and it's, like, painfully beautiful

Trans folks, how does drag make you feel?

If you aren't trans, maybe give us a boost? :)

#poll #trans #gender #transgender

us pol.. So that happened!! 

And you need to earn the trust of those your actions have hurt the most. You need to prove you can put your ego aside and work relentlessly towards the change you want to see in the world.

Then, maybe then, black people to trust your judgement and vote their hopes instead of their fears and we can stop electing milquetoast centrists like Biden everytime there's a shitgibbon or C+ Augustus in the White House.

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