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google hires anti-union consultants, article link 

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"If I got paid for all my emotional labor, […] I’d hire an unassuming, relatively attractive white man to follow me around so every time you don’t believe me, he can just repeat what I said so then, like, you do believe me."

Melissa Lozada-Oliva – If I Got Paid For All My Emotional Labor


@Ophillous That's like.... All of them. You have to be more specific.

@zack Maybe website search functionality needs to be added to every ActivityPub compliant instance.

@CyclopsCaveman You have to knock your chest at least 5 times with 2 of them being positive results.

@Sujee @healyn To be an effective fanboy, I need some accurate data here. Asshole is the producer, turd is the product. So, are you attacking Elon the Producer or Elon the product? I'm new to this.

@Sujee First @healyn has got to get his shit together. Asshole and turd are like complete opposites. Make up your mind already!!

@healyn Doing something is better than doing nothing. We all know that!!

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@remulacfrommars someone wrote to the Dear Prudence column a while ago saying, "my husband is an ICE agent and suddenly my friends don't want to be friends with us anymore, how do I make them see that he's really a good guy," and Prudence was like, "oh, see, your husband is a fascist actually, your friends are right to shun you"

@Ophillous *sight* English is a limited language. Now I don't know if you got approached by a cutie or got an invite to an orgie.

@CyclopsCaveman Figures. Only Bernie would bring a knife to a gun fight. 🙄

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RT @aamer_rahman@twitter.com

Is it really ok to punch nazis?

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Hong Kong protestors are posting in phonetic Cantonese to stop machines and trolls from the mainland understanding and derailing the conversation, etc.


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