@horrowfide William Shatner couldn't find me at the Aldi. This was a problem.


We could make Shatner masks as ubiquitous and cool as the Fawkes masks used to be.

@horrowfide also reading through this, this guy doesn't know how to use mastodon lmao, he thinks you can't search people by their username (literally just type @user@instance into the searchbar you fucking boomer)

@minus_zero @horrowfide thank you for being another exclusionist piece of shit no one wants please leave.

@minus_zero @horrowfide I've managed to find people without the instance name, so yea he's defiantly wrong there :P

@minus_zero @horrowfide I hate this so much because it touches on valid criticisms of existing platforms, but somehow blames mastodon???

@f0x @minus_zero @horrowfide I actually had a conversation with someone which did the same. thankfully they agreed it was a general social media issue

lewd mention 

Fandoms, Star Trek 

@horrowfide this guy still has an account on .social and that is so funny to me

@horrowfide the whole article looks like a person doesn't know where the search function is

Techfolk, eliticism. 

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