The is the first pub that I've seen that has a British pool table in Japan. All the way from Brighton. The owner is a lovely person. Place in 高田馬場 called 2nd Half!

No, not the immigration office again, anything but waiting in the queue for 4 hours just to submit a heap of paper!

Winter company benefits, a metal hot water bottle. Because 3 aircons heavily damage the budget :)

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An open letter to the Linux Foundation from Robert Martin regarding the abuse of Code of Conduct in the recent case of Charles Wood:

If you're ever gonna be choosing an excel like spreadsheet plugin for .NET, one of the options is the Grapecity libs, don't do it, pick anything else, Syncfusion for example. Half assed interface, lack of English documentation in most places and poor community makes it a nightmare to work with.

Company's boss got this monster from his friend in Hokkaido. Going straight into a nabe tomorrow :)

Nothing like a good refuse from entering a bar because you're foreign in :)

In Japan, everything has to be clean. This is a mini version though, I wanna see the full apparatus.

After a month of trying to find a supplier that sells Nvidia Nano in Japan a month waiting and then a month using it. I gotta say it's a brilliant board with a ton of power. There's already a start-up in Taiwan who sells them with AI capabilities to developers. Can't wait to see more progress in small factor boards with Cuda or Tensor cores! :)


Is there a good android client for mastodon? @Gargron maybe?

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