I'm a cartoonist/comic book writer originally from New Zealand, now living in the UK. My work's been published in some form or another since 1988.

Best known for writing and drawing "The Muppet Show Comic Book" and writing "Thor The Mighty Avenger" & "Popeye", I'm most proud of my own creations ("Fred the Clown" and "Snarked" being the most readily available examples).

@hotelfred Snarked was brilliant! Hands down the best Carroll-inspired work I've seen. Really embodied the spirit of his stories, I thought, better than anyone else.

@hotelfred I finally picked up Thor TMA volume 1 - had only volume 2 forever, like a mug. I loved the issues when they came out. Samnee is a boss.

@christianlipski Yes he is. I'd love to work with him again someday (in the unlikely event I ever hook up with a publisher who can afford him)

@hotelfred Hi Roger! Fred the Clown is one of my favourite books! I have given away my copy and re-bought it several times!

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