i moved to @hovfire@knzk.me in case any of you still want to follow your favorite(?) gremlin

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Hello I'm now tooting only from here so please follow me here if you followed me on my first account. I love u and don't want to lose anyone! (pls boost)

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i can’t think of a situation where i’d side with anyone over a whole trans community

mh (-), sadpost 

like i know i have depression and that’s why i have such a hard time doing all the things i need to be doing and i’m doing all i can to combat it but jesus i feel like a lazy asshole sometimes

i did jcl in high school and i didn’t study i mostly just read percy jackson and i placed nationally so

i want to get more fit but i really don’t want more muscles

when you become a liberal you get a complimentary box set of west wing

groundhog day but you have to get literally every day of your life perfect else it repeats

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someone I was just talking to: "how many letters do I have to put at the end of my name before someone will pay me a living wage?"

i love the music and aesthetic of jet set radio but i cannot play it without chucking my controller through a wall

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this is a PSA:
it is NOT @citrustwee@bofa.lol 's birthday

it will NEVER be @citruswee's birthday


she was never born and is only a figment of the collective unconscious!!!!

hermes got downgraded in the worst way when he became roman

i’ve been showing my girlfriend steven universe and at one point she asked if her favorite gem, bloodstone, would show up

i’ve just felt bad since

yes i’m saying this because some gamers were mean to me

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anyone who self identifies as a gamer is mean

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Thinking about dropping out of gamer college.. I just can't remember all these slurs...

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where's a woke gator to eat someone's stupid white baby when you need one

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