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Sketch preview of next Kaiju Dayz strip! A submarine crew faces a large issue in the middle of the sea.

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All voice lines recorded from all the great:
@lberzins_voices@twitter.com (Big Mama)
@PAsInPfautsch@twitter.com (Pestania)
@lloydDboy@twitter.com (Junior)
Matthew Farden (K-Bot 34)

Here's hoping you all enjoy the upcoming animatic!

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A new edit of part 3 of "The Dead Life" is now up at @HauntedMTL@twitter.com. Small little tweaks, but part of my attempt to polish it as the story develops further. Expect an edit to #4 this week.


No call needs to be 14 fucking minutes. I have no time for that.

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Shudder Content Guide: March 2021 - David Davis - hauntedmtl.com/vision/shudder- -
It's time again to check out regional release schedules on Shudder and our picks for each. It's the real March madness, complete with psycho killers.

Shudder originals and exclusives will be present...

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With Gov. Abbott "re-opening" Texas early on, I congratulate Texas Democrats for taking the state because all the Republicans will be dead with the Coronavirus by 2022. It's just a simple numbers game at this point.

My students started their own discord for the class and invited me.

Imagine if Aleister Crowley was alive today and had a tv show called "Butthole Magic."

Just imagine.

I just added like 40 friends on Pokemon Go this morning. Crazy.

Let's be friends in Pokémon GO! My Trainer Code is 4340 7858 5421!

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Review: After Midnight (2019) - David Davis - hauntedmtl.com/vision/review-a -
Dying relationships are their own kind of exquisite horror and much like horror films, moviegoers are drawn to serious, dramatic stories about relationships in peril. There is an element of voyeurism in it...

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