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Fireside Chat: Giving Thanks to Horror - J.M. Brannyk - hauntedmtl.com/originals/fires -
Dial T for TERROR!!!

As Thanksgiving is coming up in America, I wanted to take a brief break from my usual complaining and wet-blanketing to give my thanks. My thanks to Horror, because of the...

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Worked pretty hard this week, so I am enjoying today by playing while watching .

This is a very on-brand Thanksgiving for me.

Happy *real* Thankgiving, not that fake Canadian one. 😏

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NEW PAGE! In which Leon makes some... honestly good points

(Link to newest page to be posted in the reply to this post)

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Banished #468

Art by Brandon
Flats by @hpkomic@twitter.com
Colors by @Buboniccc@twitter.com

Patreon helps get our comics made!

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Hey Sweet Babes! I commissioned @hpkomic@twitter.com to do a drawing of Rosetta Stone and it makes me happy! Hope ya enjoy it too!

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Mostly fueled by rage, desperation, corn chips, and coffee today. I should eat something, probably.

Some of y'all have never had someone tell you that you're "hot and juicy" and it shows. πŸ˜”

Normalize the raised voiced, incredulous shouting of "in a pandemic?!" to shame people for doing dumb things in a pandemic.

I propose a sequel in the failure timeline titled "GET SCROOGE" where Santa Claus and the Ghost Alliance seek to take down Scrooge to avenge Tiny Tim, but Scrooge hires the deadliest assassins around the world to protect him.

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We do not discuss the fact that A Christmas Carol has a split timeline enough.

How the fuck do mangaka do it? Are days longer or something? How do they produce so many pages so quickly?

One thing I have wanted to with @RGBotscomics@twitter.com is do strips where the bots roast people but nobody has been brave enough to volunteer to be roasted.

Can't believe I typed Tin Tin instead of Tintin.

I am awful.

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Today I introduced @achohelelwhy@twitter.com to the incredibly underrated Adventures of Tin Tin movie.

In the right universe, we'd be on the third film in a franchise by now.

Hot hamburger sandwiches? More like hot pull-the-fuck-over.

Anything other than 7 is the work of a sociopath.

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How do y'all make your Xs?
I'm 5

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main source of joy is this guy who frantically guesses what color the paint is going to be

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If you follow me (or even if you don't, I think) you can DM me about whatever. I'm happy to look at whatever y'all want and I'll give you honest feedback.

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