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✨💀New Page for Princess Reaper 💀✨

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Time for some forgotten history.

*Twenty two* African Americans served in Congress during the 1800s after the Civil War. Right before Southern racists took voting rights away from black people again.

Since many people don't learn this in schools, let's do an important thread:

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Bills paid and decent progress on the game design as well. Yay.

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"Knock knock."
"Who's there."
"The grim inevitability of death."
"That's not funny Steve."
"No. No it isn't."

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Ended up getting a lot of writing done tonight, but for now, I should sleep. I'll edit and post tomorrow.

I hope Hamilton is a huge success on Disney+ and they see that there is a market for more Broadway shows on their service. If I recall correctly Disney has a number of Broadway shows...


Family drama at a snowbound hotel.

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Can you describe your favorite movie as boring as possible?

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You can have an edit button when everyone wears a mask

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I have found Ko-fi to be so much more effective for me than Patreon.

Watching right now and my God this lives up to the hype.

Looking for some research direction regarding the Shoshone people, particularly around the 1860s. Any help in that regard would be wonderful. Thank you.

Man, the artist I wanted to commission for some key images is completely booked.

So that's what that's like.

Indigenous people are still be abused by the United States and there will be a historical reckoning for those who refuse to change their ways and treat the original occupants of the lands with the respect they deserve.

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Surprise! I'll be updating this summer with my short story The Spider and the Thorn!! Prepare for all the drama and discover how Henna lost her wings! moonslayercomic.com/comic/ch7b @MoonSlayerComic@twitter.com

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Hey! my comic MoonSlayer updated today! 🔥🔥 #7.1: The Spider and the Thorn: ift.tt/3doL7ld ✅ Support my work on Patreon and unlock new content: ift.tt/2zOzCFj Have a nice week! 💫

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