@hrheingold welcome! Let me know if I can help in any way - there is a tool to find people you know on twitter here (bridge.joinmastodon.org/) and of course all of the regular soc media tricks apply too (e.g. find 1 person to follow, go through the list of followers they follow, search terms, lists, etc). I know it's hard for newcomers as the twitter scale isn't here...yet. But also, much kinder/deeper IMO

@sleslie @hrheingold

I agree. I’ve been here over a year and found the culture very different: kinder, creative, more careful with fellow humans, more willing to reflect on and learn from mistakes. Less about platform and brand, more about practice.

Not perfect, but hopeful.

@sleslie @hrheingold

I’ve really been enriched by stumbling upon the creative practices of @paralithode @RussSharek @compostablespork @dadegroot @lauraritchie @dogtrax and @tellio

There are many artists, musicians and writers here.

@katebowles you have been a real pioneer on here, and thanks for this reminder of a practice from early twitter days, helping others grow their network by mentioning others worth folling (cf FridayFollows and things like that too)

@sleslie @katebowles Funny how those early Twitter skills have come in handy again, like checking out the follower/following lists of others in this space to see who they are connected with as a way to build the network effect.

@clintlalonde @katebowles yeah, I hear a lot of groaning about how much work it is, especially for people with large networks, but I am actually seeing it as an opportunity to start afresh. Is it perfect? Hell no. Will we have to do this again somewhere else? maybe. But as the old saw goes, the Perfect is the enemy of the Good

@sleslie @clintlalonde

Also I think I’ve learned the value of small networks here. I follow the number of people my head can keep up with.

My following list includes dormant accounts of Twitter people who showed up once only, and I feel I’m holding on to those just in case.

But I actually follow, read, think about, learn from a number that feels manageable to me.

@katebowles sure, I agree, it's why even on twitter I strove to keep the number of people I followed low, to people I *actually wanted to listen and talk with* instead of some ego-inflating number. That said, am still hoping to grow the number here a bit more, in terms of value as an information source, mastodon still has a ways to go to trump how twitter was for me at its best


I think I balance the two. Information from the big world comes from Twitter. Learning from strangers comes from here.

It’s so good that you are here.

@katebowles @sleslie

WOW! Thanks Kate! Hi Howard!! Welcome indeed!!! This place has been a wonderful respite and intellectual sandbox for me.

@hrheingold @paralithode @RussSharek @compostablespork @dadegroot @dogtrax @tellio

@RussSharek @katebowles @sleslie @hrheingold @paralithode @dadegroot @lauraritchie @dogtrax

aww, such great company! :think_starry_eyes:

Also a note - @a.weirder.earth is defunct and we're just @weirder.earth now. Reincarnation! :empty_heart:

@hrheingold yeah I haven't really figured out network-weaving on here, but I have hopes I will in time. Discovery is a hard problem

@hrheingold Hey ya, Howard. It's Kevin. This is very strange because I was just this very morning (this is true) trying to find a video interview you did of a teacher who was using 'teachers pay teachers' to share lesson plans. During our video interview, you asked me about her endeavors, if I remember right. And I never found the video or interview. And here you are. Do you know what I am referring to? (I am writing up something about OER vs TpT). Peace. And welcome.

@hrheingold And @tellio is out here somewhere, tending the farming lands and planting beautiful flowers. You might wanna holler in his hollar.

@hrheingold Perfect! Thanks. What good fortune to come across you on the day I was looking for you.

@hrheingold I suspect you might be interested in what @Downes is up to with his E-Learning 3.0 mooc, Howard. You probably know each other already. But Stephen has us thinking forward with such things as OER, the Distributed Web, containers, identity and more. It's been quite intriguing and challenging. el30.mooc.ca/

@hrheingold Backatcha. One of my favorite places here is . Just search for it and red a few. Big fan. You did an interview fo me last year, Terry Elliott.

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