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I happened to stumble across the recorded livestream of @tantek's IndieWeb talk at the Decentralized Web Summit, so today I extracted just his talk from the livestream and published it as a standalone video! 📺▶️ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y9FSPcmybT8 #dwebsummit #dweb

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We must exist right here, right now! This is the keypoint. You must have your own body and mind.

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L'éditorial du numéro de décembre. « Pour Julian Assange » @Wikileaks, par Serge Halimi. monde-diplomatique.fr/2018/12/ t.co/OFunafq68b

La @villequebec@twitter.com a fait du chemin ces dernières années, mais elle doit continuer sa transformation et devenir une ville de peu importe la météo!
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In @velotropolis, people cycle also when it snows. When a city is planned for cycling, weather is not an excuse!

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hey, if you're interested in #fennel, (or smol lisps, or #lua, or fun software conferences) we're going to have a mini-conference in Portland on the 16th of March.

it's free, so sign up here: conf.fennel-lang.org/2019

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"At Etsy we’ve developed a system for adding how-docs directly from Slack."

So we'll make users query Slack for usage examples because maintaining doc is too hard. 🤦‍♂️

#OpenBSD: "Code's not complete until the doc is updated. Period!"


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I'm always pleasantly surprised at how great the docs are.

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#GetTogether is a free open source alternative to the event planning site MeetUp.com.

You can use the first GetTogether instance here:


and follow the project here:


The project is also working on federating instances together using the ActivityPub standard (which Mastodon, Pleroma, PeerTube etc also use).

#AlternativesAtoZ #MeetUp #MeetUps #Events #Meetings #EventPlanning #RealLife #FLOSS #FOSS #OpenSource

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Remember your weekly blood sacrifice to keep all your tech working.

You know what happens when you don't feed the tech gods.

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I'm using #EMACS more and more as my primary text creation platform, converting with #pandoc and polishing as necessary. I fear I'm at risk of going full Stallman.

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Someone added us to AlternativeTo.

We are the 3rd alternative to Instagram behind Imgur and Flickr!

Can we get to #1?


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Great news!

"The Mastodon project is excited that Nextcloud users can now join the fediverse, potentially growing the decentralized web by an order of magnitude", through #ActivityPub.

So much more goodies in #Nextcloud 15 too, like video chat inside collaborative document editing, better full text search (searching everything, not just files), etc.), faster, more secure.

I really need to try this soon!


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Action populaire Rimouski-Neigette vient de lancer une pétition pour demander la fin du détournement des pensions alimentaires pour enfants. lavantage.qc.ca/article/2018/1

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We love the new plume project website!


Great work @Bat and team!

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