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Why are you an #OpenSource user? How would you encourage someone to join the awesome community of #OSS users?

Share your thoughts below for a chance to win prizes from @storjproject@twitter.com and #Nextcloud as part of Storj's #OSSRevenue campaign.

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Have you done any blogging on your #OpenBSD experience so far? I'd love to read it.

Hello folks! Is there a way to get the week number of the year in ?

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“We build the web for everyone […]. One way to help you do this is to use native technologies that are designed for a specific purpose. JavaScript is not designed to style elements on a web page, but CSS *is*.”

CSS doesn’t suck, by @andybelldesign@twitter.com

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The history of religion in a 3 x 3 cartoon panel

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#Linux is a good privacy-conscious alternative to Microsoft Windows. It's free, fast and easy.

-Modern forms of Linux (such as Ubuntu or Linux Mint) are as easy to use as Windows or Mac. They're well supported, with popular apps like Spotify and Steam.

-If you're having trouble making an installation USB stick, you can order them online: osdisc.com/

-You can buy PCs with Linux preinstalled from a wide range of shops:

#AlternativesAtoZ #DeleteMicrosoft

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key@veltman@twitter.coming in shape faster is joining a gym you can't exit

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61%@torproject@twitter.com apps tested by @privacyint auto@privacyint@twitter.comransfer data to Facebook the moment a user opens the app even if they don't have a FB account or aren't logged in
.onion: privacyintyqcroe.onion/campaig

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Ha ben ça c'est toute une surprise pour Noël : :pixelfed: #PixelFed entre enfin dans la :fed: #fédiverse!

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: Le Cégep de Matane est à la recherche d'un Technicien en arts graphiques (Webmestre / Marketing numérique) - (3e affichage). Merci de Partager! matane.cvmanager.com/cvm5/disp

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Bon bien voilà! Le 3e lien c'est plus nécessaire @VilledeLevis@twitter.com ... Le transport en commun par la voie des airs fera l'affaire. Les contribuables québécois sauveront ainsi plusieurs milliards de $$ ;)

Tandis qu’une dizaine d’entreprises procèdent actuellement à des essais de voitures volantes ou de drones avec passagers, une étude de Porsche Consulting prédit que 15 000 taxis aériens seront en s…

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The New York Times reports Facebook gave Microsoft, Amazon, Spotify, Netflix, Apple, Yandex, Yahoo and others far more access to users' data than previously admitted, including access to private messages:


There is never going to be a better time to #DeleteFacebook, the violations are only going to get worse.

If you know someone who wants to try alternatives and needs a simple non-technical guide, try sending them this:


(via @bobstechsite)

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