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Shooting animals doesn’t make you a badass..
This makes you a badass.

👼Dans un paradis fiscal près de chez-vous! 🐖🐷
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Take four minutes to reflect on your place in, and of, the cosmos. Aeon Video: ow.ly/MC1o50lb0S3

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The history of religion in a 3 x 3 cartoon panel

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key@veltman@twitter.coming in shape faster is joining a gym you can't exit

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61%@torproject@twitter.com apps tested by @privacyint auto@privacyint@twitter.comransfer data to Facebook the moment a user opens the app even if they don't have a FB account or aren't logged in
.onion: privacyintyqcroe.onion/campaig

La @villequebec@twitter.com a fait du chemin ces dernières années, mais elle doit continuer sa transformation et devenir une ville de peu importe la météo!
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In @velotropolis, people cycle also when it snows. When a city is planned for cycling, weather is not an excuse!

With the quasi-monopoly of Google in the world of browsers, will need our help to fight the Web.

Please support Firefox or any other alternative!

donate.mozilla.org/ (hugo.soucy.cc/note/2018/12/ple)

Ma chère @villequebec@twitter.com c'est à ton tour ... de nous déblayer ça 😉

«L’expérience de Montréal au cours des dernières années montre que les efforts valent la peine. Les compteurs de vélo automatiques montrent que l’expansion du réseau cyclable 4 saisons a permis une croissance marquée des débits sur les pistes cyclables.»

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The reluctance to put bicycle infrastructure on arterial streets and relegating cyclists to secondary streets is all too familiar in Montreal.

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It’s snowing today in Montreal but the cycle tracks have been cleared for .

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Imagine what a coward you have to be to fire potentially-lethal weapons at families like this one.

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New cycle track on avenue du Parc La Fontaine is open for , providing a protected link between the Rachel and Cherrier cycle tracks

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Un indice de vitalité des communautés francophones en milieu minoritaire au Canada est la présence de médias francophones. @DeniseBombardi3 @mkeelanbishop

Makes me think about: "How to Build a Low-tech Website?" ~ x.soucy.cc/gf
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Solar powered OpenBSD hacking

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