I'm moving to a new location & my web server comes with me, so my personal website & my homepage will be down for a couple of days.

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Hello @rhapsodos,

What about following & ? You can follow any specific tag.

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Greenpeace Slams Tim Hortons' New Recyclable Coffee Lids vice.com/en_ca/article/3k3ak9/ via @vicecanada@twitter.com l We're slamming it b/c offering another single-use lid, theoretically recyclable or not, is NOT a solution to @TimHortons@twitter.com waste & pollution problem. Reusable cups now!

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Humour noir d'objecteur et d'objectrice de croissance (et merci Charb...)

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The #OpenBSD Foundations 2019 fundraising campaign is currently at $77K CAD raised out of its 300K goal!

Also the total smaller donations from the community has already reached Gold! :flan_aww:


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Why introducing a business model after the fact is a recipe for disaster, why Freemium can kill your product, and why businesses should pay for themselves:
alistapart.com/article/nothing #IndieWeb #VC

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It’s my first OpenBSD upgrade ever, I can’t believe how easy and smooth it is

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#OpenBSD 6.5 is now released!

It's been a great release, with all sorts of improvements everywhere.

Some of my favourites include ixl(4), unwind(8), and the cool stuff in the wireless stack and massive improvements to #OpenBGPD!


Hello @zerok,

Do you have to deal with in ?

For me, that's why I have to open VScode :(

@dave Depends on what you wanna do with ... Server? Router? Workstation? My list about this topic: shr.soucy.cc/?searchtags=openb

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Climate change is technical debt

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The #OpenBSD httpd is pretty nice actually. And with the acme-client that comes with the default install setting up a simple site with let's encrypt certs is a breeze.


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Nous n'avons pas la prétention de faire comprendre ce qu'est un trou noir. Mais au bénéfice de ceux qui se sont gratté la tête hier devant cette image, nous pouvons vous faire comprendre que des gens se grattent la tête depuis 235 ans. ow.ly/L1lS30oo3gb

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SCIENTISTS: “We’ve produced the first-ever image of a supermassive Black Hole, 55-million light years away”

SCIENTISTS: “We’ve concluded that humans are catastrophically warming Earth”
RESPONSE: “That conflicts with what I want to be true, so it must be false”

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