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Tips on how to get popular on mastodon!!
1: get high
2: post anything that comes to mind without putting a single moment into thinking about it

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no popular blogs, we each get a 5 second window to be cool and thats fucking it this is the cutest shit ive seen here in a long time

how do I ask to be included in things without sounding too desperate

yea I'm gonna keep on reading homestuck until berries is totally fixed

what the fuck do you mean berries is still down

wish I could at least go to sleep so that when I wake up, good chance berries would working again

its 4am, is down and I can't make a backup on so uh what I do now

did everyone decide to switch to berries while I was asleep?

guys, how do you add those wacky gif effects to your icon

at least on mastodon my followers want to talk to me unlike tumblr, where no matter how many ask posts I reblog, my inbox remains empty about 99% of the time

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