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at least on mastodon my followers want to talk to me unlike tumblr, where no matter how many ask posts I reblog, my inbox remains empty about 99% of the time

why my knees gotta be like that, I don't walk around a lot I just sit on my ass all day. My knees have no right to be in pain

I can't sleep yet joel is still streaming Gregory horror show

out here starving to death cause I don't wanna get food hell yea hell yea hell yea

Press :Fortnite: for tumblr bois, its standing on its final hours now

anyone else just wanna fucking eat some sugar cubes

I'm too lazy to get food and eat so I guess I'll starve to death


someone pls get me a cheeseborger from mcdan, i'm staving

I might actually be tired enough to go to bed but joel is streaming Gregory Horror Show so imma do that instead

Me: yea I'm a cool kid
person: you're so cool!!
me: [windows error]

if u ever are with me irl
i will happily call u an taxi or talk to anyone u need talking to profesh

theres something so god damn touching about a friend willing to call a taxi for you cause you can't do it for yourself

@hs_killjam sucks that ur not my irl firend because im eerily good at it

I have too much social anxiety to call an uber or taxi

can we talk about MBTI personality types instead of zodiac stuff, can that be the next thing

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