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@laurentchemla@twitter.com Elle se lèche le trou de balle. Mais tu fais comme tu veux...

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Comment elle fait pour être déjà à ce point réveillée, elle ?

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Are you at @fnf_eu@twitter.com in ? Don't miss the lighting talk (3pm) about @ToSDR@twitter.com ! We'll talk about the recent developments of edit.tosdr.org and how deliver our commitment to fix the biggest lie of the Internet !

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I'm researching the profiles of those who kill cyclists and pedestrians in Berlin and I feel there's a pattern...

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The importance of math: due to a miscalculation the largest nuclear bomb ever tested by the US was accidentally 3 times stronger than expected. This resulted in most of the test equipment being destroyed: little of the desired diagnostic data was collected bit.ly/2mvz9Or

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Christakis dénonce le risque d’un contrôle à 2 vitesses par la CEDH: d’un côté les pays de l’Est,condamnés pour leurs lois de surveillance et de l’autre les pays occidentaux bénéficiant d’une évaluation «souple» car leurs systèmes démocratiques constitueraient un gage c/ les abus twitter.com/reesmarc/status/10

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I’ve been reporting on the abusive culture at Linux over the last couple of months -- on Sunday, Linus Torvalds said he was taking a break to get help. My article @Newyorker, w/ @vaurorapub, @_sagesharp_, @MeganSquire0, @gvanrossum, @mariatta. newyorker.com/science/elements

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"Torvalds’s decision to step aside came after The New Yorker asked him a series of questions about his conduct for a story on complaints about his abusive behavior discouraging women from working as Linux-kernel programmers."

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Crumble maison à base de pain et de mayonnaise. Original et très simple à faire. Prendre une tranche de pain et mettre la mayonnaise dessus. Un régal.

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Want to make your children more aware? Let them read a version of the Privacy Statement where you replaced “Facebook” with “your mother” and “third party” with “creepy uncle”. I guarantee, they will be privacy gurus in no time!

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La Mairie de Paris lance les travaux de la place de la Bastille. Au programme : l'abandon du giratoire 😍

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Also, it comes with a highly visible action, adopting a form of the Contributor Covenant. He brings proof of change along with the message _and_ credit.

After all the shit communication from maintainers I've seen in the last years, this is a surprisingly good piece.

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That makes it hard to people that previously followed his lines to keep going. The person they used as an argument can suddenly not be used as an argument any more. Also, it's also notable that he does _not_ ask people for forgiveness or relief.

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But the email itself is very good: it tries nothing in the way of explaining and leaves no ambiguity when he calls his old behaviour bad. It doesn't try to frame it in the projects success or as a necessary evil or whatever.

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Some words why I am happy about Linus email. I'm obviously happy about the subject and interested to see how Linus improves. That doesn't make his old behaviour forgotten and he has a lot of apologising to individuals to do if he means it.

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@michielbdejong@twitter.com sharing this new piece by @DebWiseUnger@twitter.com mentioning @ToSDR@twitter.com: Artificial Intelligence, Ratings, and the Small Print sb.stratbz.to/KDToudQ

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Guillaume Dumas, chercheur à l'@institutpasteur@twitter.com, vous explique comment il utilise le "machine learning", l'intelligence artificielle et les avatars virtuels dans le cadre de ses travaux sur l'. @introspection

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Linus Torvalds wrote an email to LKML that, against all odds, one might want to read lkml.org/lkml/2018/9/16/167

Le fournisseur d'accès @assoFDN@twitter.com renforce son VPN et vous permet d’accéder à Internet dans les situations les plus difficiles fdn.fr/fdn-renforce-son-vpn/

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