(long) way to go! (Fake but fun - thanks for pointing out @le_luk@twitter.com )
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Now this is what I call news

Ok, là, ça devient intéressant !
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les chauffeurs poids-lourds bloqués sur l'A84 en ont assez. "Ils veulent pas faire du filtrant? Eh ben on va les bloquer aussi. Ils verront ce que c'est de pas rentrer chez soi le soir". Les routiers ont bloqué les bloqueurs avec un semi-remorque

“Once men turned their thinking over to machines in the hope that this would set them free. But that only permitted other men with machines to enslave them.”
— Frank Herbert, Dune

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Our @maasalan@twitter.com will talk this afternoon in about the privacy of personal data and surveillance in the time of currency crisis.

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We've appointed our first Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Artificial Intelligence (AI). Dr Binns will investigate a framework for auditing algorithms and conduct further in-depth research activities in AI and machine learning. ico.org.uk/about-the-ico/news-

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Un développeur du logiciel VLC et un hacker français nommés chevaliers de l’Ordre du Mérite bit.ly/2A4twg4

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What a world, and what a phenomenal person determined to change it (ht @theglipper@twitter.com)

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7. La salle la plus rococo du Palais royal appartient à une autre juridiction : le Tribunal des conflits, la Cour de cassation ne joue jamais à domicile

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Je suis impressionné par la clarté des valeurs de @framasoft@twitter.com et de leur stratégie, rafraichissant de voir une association avec un chemin aussi clair, une raison de plus de les soutenir. Très bonne vidéo de @pyg framatube.org/videos/watch/3cb

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Theresa May:

"We will end your freedom to study in Paris.
Work in Berlin.
Get married in Prague.
Start a family in Tallinn.
Open a business in Amsterdam.
Buy a house in Kefalonia.
Retire in Florence.
Enjoy free mobile roaming.

Once and for all."

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And then, then, then, Barnier said to May "How many Brexiteers does it take to change a lightbulb? One to promise a brighter future and the rest to screw it up!" ahahahaha!

Le RGPD a été ajouté dans mon OS... Enigmatique et assez en retard Samsung :-)

(Et correctif de sécurité du.. 1er août !!!)

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What philosophers dreamed of accomplishing:
500 BC: understanding everything
300: understanding virtue.
1100: understanding God.
1700: understanding even a single thing.
1950: understanding just how say something that makes sense.
2018: I don't know, to get my article published?

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UK: I'll tell you what I want, what I really, really want
EU: So tell me what you want, what you really, really want
UK: I'll tell you what I want, what I really, really want
EU: So tell me what you want, what you really, really want
[Repeats for 28 months] twitter.com/daytimesnaps/statu

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Tech buzzwords explained:
Big data—data
Algorithm—automated decision-making
Dark web—Onion service
Data science—statistics done by nonstatisticians
IoT—malware-ready device

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(To be clear, as this tweet takes off & people add their own comments, I am not laughing at this incredible interpreter or at the deaf & signing community; I think the way she expresses this clusterfuck is amazing, and it's the most accurate analysis of Brexit I have seen today.)

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The sign language interpreter doing the Brexit Agreement on BBC News is perfectly conveying the perplexing fuckery of this situation

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Fichier auquel le Royaume-Uni a gracieusement accès depuis 2015, et avec lequel ils ont fait… n‘importe quoi.

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