As a designer for the web, caring about the platform and good execution - in terms of semantics, accessibility, performance - adds a bunch of extra responsibilities to the role.
Is this the case for other software platforms or nah?

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🎉 The August issue of is out! 🎉

👉 Real work vs. imaginary work, successful usability testing, prototyping a smoother map, and a talk about prototyping with code.

@huh tbh I still love the food so what you gonna do

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Always hated those archaic “coins” and “cash” and their lack of “4 digit flypay passcode”

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Current status: downloading, installing, registering, and learning software in order to pay for a restaurant meal 😶

Massive props to the guys and gals who spend all day looking for chinook spare parts

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OK Computer is the best documentary account of the Norton Antivirus Suite experience

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There’s a special kind of place in hell for developers who script functionalities that trigger on (mouse) down events.

patent pending - do not steal 

Hacky Snack

Trying v hard not to let this just be another social network where I pour my boring uk rail rage but omg

👋 I do and and type work in in the UK.
Looking for accounts to follow.
Expect more hashtag-crammed tweets as I hurl towards 1 (one) follower.

This is my first toot. I hope it was as fun to read as it was to write


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