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Social Cooling: The long-term negative side effects of living in a reputation economy.

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Just like film on Netflix it serves to make people directly aware of how social media might impact their personal life.

(Thanks to @tobi for providing the link)

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Watch and cry... then roll up you sleeves and help turn this around! A must-see for any would-be Humane Tech Activist.

Animation by
who created many more similarly beautiful but highly disturbing works of art.

or ?

πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ We seek your ideas! I can propose pilot projects on product liability or artificial intelligence for the JURI Committee and on privacy and fundamental rights for LIBE. Any ideas? Please send an e-mail to

More info:

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#FollowFriday / #FF recap of this week's recommended follows:

🌟 @cryptpad - FOSS online office suite with maximum privacy

🌟 @fossasia - Promoting free open software across Asia

🌟 @libreoffice - The most widely-used FOSS office suite

🌟 @unibrawn - Artist combining surreal figures with a bright 90s aesthetic

🌟 @openmandriva - Community-run Linux distro based on Mandriva/Mandrake

🌟 @CollaboraOffice & @collabora - Develops LibreOffice and provides a special business-oriented version too

@session so when still using Whatsapp you can set that auto-reply notification of where you moved to. Will support Messenger too, and will be in soon.

Hey guys, just a little update: this still hasn't changed.

I've improved my code to read properly the #activitypub messages and curious why pawoo is sending me so much traffic from dead accounts to my test instance. I've assumed it's just spambots, that get deleted - but it's weirder than that. I'm receiving notifications that those accounts get deleted. Huh?

Wow, the non-javascript versions of looks really good.

I will set the HTML-only version as my default browser immediately πŸ˜€

Gotta love #newpipe app for Youtube and Peertube. Just click on a link and watch the video without downloading bunch of JS and stuff to watch a video.

Hi, everyone!

I have just joined mastodon and I am still habituating myself.

Joined Fosstodon because I am trying to learn and know more about FOSS and though it would be a perfect way of doing that.

My interest about this topic emerged when I started to read some articles about privacy, which lead me to Reddit subs like r/privacy and r/privacytools and then a whole new world just appeared before my eyes.

Hope I can eventually contribute to this community!


@humanetech @imacrea πŸ‘‹πŸ˜ƒ Yes! Facebook messenger support is on the way. It is actually implemented but kept hidden because of some bugs 🐞 but most of the bugs are fixed. Will try to release this soon (possibly in a week or two) πŸ˜„πŸ™Œ
Sneek peek:


Not long ago, the idea that western govts were engaging in illegal surveillance programs was widely dismissed.

Then we found out it was true β€” but nothing changed.

What seems impossibly dystopian, is possible.

It's up to us to stop it.

Check out @dsoft ... finally an auto-reply for Whatsapp so you can inform other people that you are no longer using it!

Bye bye whatsapp πŸ‘‹

If you just leave then others will not be aware. They still see your contact appearing and can send messages (which will of course never be read).

Note: Soon the app will be availabe in too.

My website speaks #ActivityPub; you can follow to get my latest posts.

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Check out FLOSS-UX.

As you all know is generally a weak spot in projects.

"This project is dedicated to improving, educating and creating discussion for the benefit of everyone interested in Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS). What does it take to create user experiences that rival proprietary software with huge budgets and design teams? Let’s figure it out as a community, through discussion and cooperation!"

Screen reader stuff is going fairly well. It would be possible to do this with c2s, but instead I've just made an endpoint for the speaker, which is then very minimal.

I would suggest adding a #TTS endpoint to the #ActivityPub actor specification and something in activitystreams representing the fields returned from the endpoint.

So in #Epicton the TTS endpoint returns json containing a "say" field which is the text to be spoken. This can be specially prepared, such as replacing mentions with "mentions [name]" and other semantics. So the client side can also be minimal and doesn't need to do any processing on the received text.

Our member Andrew Murray Dunn wrote a good article on the question "What makes a humane technologist?"

In a follow-up I added 2 key takeaways:

- Humane technology depends on Humanity and to create it one should embrace and practice this virtue in daily life.

- Technology mirrors the society that creates it, and for it to be humane we must weave a social fabric that fosters humanity.

On also:

- Hypercapitalism stands in direct opposition of Humanity!


Would need help to put out a privacy policy for an org. Anyone able to help out?

The organisation seeks to organise within cooperatives to increase cooperation between cooperatives.

We try to organise ordinary rank-and-file members of big and old coops to utilise the existing imperfect democratic mechanisms within them to foster and nurture small and new coops.

The website has a pretty good summary of how so many registrars got here. You can also scroll down to and look up your webdomain to see if your registrar supports the EGM. If they don't perhaps consider if this is a reason to contact them.

Do you want a more ethical hosting service, or is it just a race to the bottom with how cheap you get your services? This is one of those moments in time that you get to see.

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