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Social Cooling: The long-term negative side effects of living in a reputation economy.

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Just like film on Netflix it serves to make people directly aware of how social media might impact their personal life.

(Thanks to @tobi for providing the link)

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Watch and cry... then roll up you sleeves and help turn this around! A must-see for any would-be Humane Tech Activist.

Animation by
who created many more similarly beautiful but highly disturbing works of art.

or ?

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The Pyramids of .. our method to attain our for the :

Ubiquitous Humane that Stimulates to Flourish and to Thrive.


We Promote that Improve , and .

Okay, so I can invite people to a Mobilizon group using their mastodon username, but it seems the invitation is never sent? And I can request to follow a Mobilizon group via on Mastodon but where does that request go? I don't see anywhere to approve/reject followers in Mobilizon...

#activitypub #mobilizon #federation

You know more grants for 2021 in the fields of Interoperability, Privacy or Discovery – or ?
Why not add them here?

The Go-Fed #OpenCollective is now up and running:

This covers making code contributions for the go-fed #golang #activitypub open source software, in addition to more community efforts like the unofficial testsuite, the library-as-in-books, and associated hosting.

Come help by donating or perusing the work that's sitting on the table:

Or read up more at:

Feel free to ask questions on the socialhub or on Matrix at

Last time I'm bothering you with this, but......... #gitea kanban boards is now in the latest stable release! No more waiting! Long live 1.13.0 🎉

GDPR wheels appear to be turning. Noticed an increase in marketing teams exploring Plausible.

The reason: legal teams are starting to enforce proper GDPR banners with easy "accept" and "reject" options. The stats fall off a cliff as a result of people not giving their consent.

@cb the coolest of the cool, in almost all things p2p, to me, remains Tribler, who was there first, who explored, who built stuff. it's kind of a bittorrent client, but also yeah, LiveStreaming? sure.

i'm really not sure of the ergonomics though. :)

one of my first ports of call would probably be PeerTube, now that they have live streaming support. fediverse-tastic!

side note, isn't that just the most amazing PR? a huge feature, with documents, included in the PR, for what the PR is, how it will look, what you will see?

@joachim_kreativ FYI we have a pretty-complete run-down of all the platforms at

Comradery is a *worker* co-op, so the decisions are made by the creative workers who get their projects funded. By contrast, aims to function as a "consumer" co-op, i.e. the patrons are the members.

As far as we know, Open Collective is not only non-co-op but is VC-funded, but they do seem otherwise better in many ways than most options. Their code is free/libre/open.

Watch and cry... then roll up you sleeves and help turn this around! A must-see for any would-be Humane Tech Activist.

Animation by
who created many more similarly beautiful but highly disturbing works of art.

or ?

@lps @mcpaccard Thanks for the tips! Yes, UX is a very important topic. See also the related project at - part of the same initiative, but with a broader scope encompassing all XMPP IM clients.

Small update. As in VK, you can now specify your middle and maiden names, if any. Unlike VK, you can specify a maiden name regardless of your gender, because why not.

@happybeing interesting?

(I don't like the Eth part, but its optional, and the code is rust, svelte)

I've decided to establish a Guppe group ( @fyre_exyt ) to start building a team around Fyre Exyt, a project I've been envisioning since I quit FB in 2006 (?) to create a detailed guide to escaping the datafarms. Ideally it would take the form of a website or app that would walk users through the process. Maybe also guides for installing apps, choosing hosts, and creating accounts on replacement services.


Very cool -- is a new privacy-friendly Reddit frontend, similar to Invidious / YouTube, Bibliogram / Instagram, and Nitter / Twitter.

Source code:

- No JavaScript or ads
- All requests go through the backend, client never talks to Reddit
- Prevents Reddit from tracking your IP or JavaScript fingerprint
- Lightweight (teddit frontpage: ~30 HTTP requests with ~270 KB of data downloaded vs. Reddit frontpage: ~190 requests with ~24 MB)


Congratulations 🎉 @lightone with the 3 year anniversary of Fediverse Party and many thanks for all the *fantastic* work you have done to craft this beautiful 💖 resource!

Don't know about ? 'Bout time to pay a visit :)

The site adresses and fedi dev audience quite well. I volunteer in your efforts to make this site kick some ass in reaching the unkempt masses beyond our realms. Get more ppl out of that toxic mess.

Who helps us?

@dublinux The wiki is our attempt to build an exhaustive and regularly updated reference for all things fedi:

Thanks heaps to @humanetech who has done heaps of pruning and updating over the last few months while I've been AWOL :)


Hashtag SaveYourInternet - Matthias Ott:

I was hearing much the same narrative on the fediverse: worries that the EU mandating upload filters would cement the monopolistic positions of Google et. al.

Journalist Maria Ressa and Cambridge Analytica whistle-blower Chris Wylie discussed about how Social Media manipulate minds and disinform the public in "Studio B: Unscripted" on Aljazeera Engish. None said a single word about Fediverse and the new way of having non-commercial Social Media.

It is not enough to condemn what is being done by Facebook and Google. FLOSS community should find a way to reach its voice to Mass Media.

@dajbelshaw That's not to say "hope is lost" it's to say "hope is elsewhere" - the next "web" insofar as the spirit and dream of the web, is perhaps to be found in #Gemini, though I have issues with the "get-only" design philosophy and I think they need to anticipate the likelihood that someone will introduce client side scripting like it or not, if it gets popular. But it has the look and feel of an early alternative.
Mozilla are captured in the dying WWW. I think they're done.

It has been a wild and fun development cycle with many challenges. Here is a brief summary of the most notable changes:

Zot6 Protocol
Zot6 has been implemented as the primary messaging protocol in Hubzilla. Most work in this development cycle has gone into this project. What you will notice is that the network field in your connections list will turn from zot to zot6 as soon as your contacts' hubs will be upgraded.

Direct messages
Direct messages are messages that are addressed to one or more single connections. They are accessible from your network stream. A direct messages filter has been added to the stream filters widget for quick access. The Mail app has been deprecated in favor of direct messages.

Mail app moved to addons
There is no concept of private mail in the zot6 protocol. If you require access to your legacy mail, you will need to ask your hub admin to install the mail addon. This will allow you to install the legacy Mail app.

The way we interact with forums has changed. To post to a  forum you can now simply select a forum from the ACL selector.

Hubzilla now has support for polls with multiple options. This feature is compatible with activitypub polls and is available directly from the post editor. The vote feature has been deprecated in favor of polls.

Notifications have been rewritten to implement server sent events. It is required to install the SSE addon to receive real time notifications. Also some useful new features were added.

Due to the upgrade to the zot6 protocol there are some drawbacks
- Sourced RSS feeds will not federate via zot6 unless the option "Resend posts with this channel as author" is selected. The authors are not valid actors.
- Anonymous comments will not federate via zot6. The authors are not valid actors.
- Community tagging has been disabled. It will be re-enabled when it is agreed upon how to implement it for compatibility with other projects.
- The chess addon has been moved to addons-unsupported until it will be ported to the ActivityStreams2 data format.
- Channel clones at hubs which are at Hubzilla version < 4.7.4 will be disconnected until the clone hubs will be updated.

For a more detailed changelog please have a look here.

A big THANK YOU! to all contributors and everybody who is supporting Hubzilla. Special thanks to @Funds privacy tech/open search which is supporting my work for Hubzilla.

How to upgrade?

- create a backup
- execute util/udall from the terminal
- make sure all DB updates (especially 1236) have been successfully applied
- execute php util/z6convert.php dry-run from the terminal for a dry run (no data will be modified with this option)
- execute php util/z6convert.php from the terminal (this will take a while...)
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