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Watch and cry... then roll up you sleeves and help turn this around! A must-see for any would-be Humane Tech Activist.

Animation by
who created many more similarly beautiful but highly disturbing works of art.

or ?

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The Pyramids of .. our method to attain our for the :

Ubiquitous Humane that Stimulates to Flourish and to Thrive.


We Promote that Improve , and .

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Are you concerned about the darker aspects of tech? Like unethical data harvesting, privacy invasion, ad-tech, fake news, social erosion, smartphone addiction, online bullying, and many more harms of technology?

Do you want to work on solutions, and help raise awareness? Then join our community..

Be a !

Who we are, What we do, And how you can help Humane Technology too. Just follow the link..

We won! The UK Supreme Court has ruled that the Investigatory Powers Tribunal is subject to judicial review before the High Court. The Court's judgment is a major endorsement and affirmation of the rule of law in the UK.

Microsoft has released their new Terminal application to GitHub, marketing it as another demonstration of their commitment to "open source". While the project is MIT licensed, did you know it is inextricably linked and dependent upon numerous proprietary SDK tools, headers, and the Visual C++ ATL.

Do not be fooled, see through the mirage of feigned support to undermine and sabotage the original ethics of the free software movement!

‘These Ads Think They Know You’

“Today’s data providers can receive information from almost every imaginable part of your life: your activity on the internet, the places you visit, the stores you walk through, the things you buy, the things you like, who your friends are, the places your friends go, the things your friends do, and on and on.”

#Distbin for #Yunohost has been updated to version 1.3.0,

#Distbin is a distributed social #pastebin using #Activitypub.

* Adding #markdown code highlighting

Update with the following command:

$ yunohost app upgrade distbin -u

'Google Tracks Your Location and Shares It With Police, Even When Your Phone is Off'
- Derrick Broze

> "The only way to push back against this invasive surveillance is to stop supporting the companies responsible for the techniques and data sharing."

(#LBRY link: lbry://@AntiMedia/google-tracks-your-location-shares-it-with-police)

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2019's @Mozilla's Internet health report is available now. Very good timing too!

"Our 2019 compilation of research and stories explains what’s key to a healthier internet across five issues, from personal experience to global concerns."

Centralized tech platforms are "handmaidens to authoritarianism"
- Carole Cadwalladr, who exposed the illegal facebook ads around #brexit

Too much power in the hands of just a few tech platforms threatens democracy! #decentralization

A year ago, the only person who knew the name of the project besides @dansup was @yabirgb the @anfora developer.

Some might see us as competitors, we see it differently.

Together Anfora and Pixelfed are working to build fediverse features like Federated Filters, Live Streaming and Stories.

It's better when you work together.

ARTICLE: BeInCrypto has covered the new product:

"In light of increased attacks on centralized internet databases, even the mainstream public is growing concerned..."

READ: New Private Server Device Showcases Push Towards a Decentralized Internet

Attention: To everyone in the sector.

Today is an important day, as Center for Humane Technology is going public today and will unveil their long-awaited ! Today will truly be put on the map.

Don't miss out and watch the Livestream!

Tomorrow - after a year of preparation - The Center for Humane Technology will unroll their vision of in a grand livestreamed event.

It is very mysterious still, and they have replace the entire website with a single announcement. Check it out tomorrow!

Lemmy: "a federated alternative to reddit in rust"

Currently in Beta. Might keep an eye on this

#ActivityPub #Services #Federated

Via Hacker News [ ]

‘Communities at risk: How security fails are endangering the LBGTIQ+ community’

“This enables governments and companies to construct profiles of them, using these highly sensitive details to make inferences or predictions that may or may not be accurate. Increasingly, profiles are being used to make or inform consequential decisions, from credit scoring, to hiring, to policing.”

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