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Watch and cry... then roll up you sleeves and help turn this around! A must-see for any would-be Humane Tech Activist.

Animation by
who created many more similarly beautiful but highly disturbing works of art.

or ?

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The Pyramids of .. our method to attain our for the :

Ubiquitous Humane that Stimulates to Flourish and to Thrive.


We Promote that Improve , and .

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Are you concerned about the darker aspects of tech? Like unethical data harvesting, privacy invasion, ad-tech, fake news, social erosion, smartphone addiction, online bullying, and many more harms of technology?

Do you want to work on solutions, and help raise awareness? Then join our community..

Be a !

Who we are, What we do, And how you can help Humane Technology too. Just follow the link..

Check this great site created by Jet Gispen, that contains a number of ready-to-use toolkits and games for , like Moral Agent.

Join Tristan Harris and Jaron Lanier on March 23 at in Detroit where Tristan is speaking about "A New Paradigm for Technology" in a combined talk with Jaron who talks about "Keeping RadicalxChange Human".

‘Is Europe closing in on an antitrust fix for surveillance technologists?’

“So there are now two lines of legal attack — antitrust and privacy law — threatening Facebook (and indeed other adtech companies’) surveillance-based business model across Europe.”

Also on our forum:

@cwebber @maloki

Who are the candidates in your minds for an organizational center for a new standards org?

You're thinking hacker community. I'm more thinking P2P economics, which overlaps but is not the same. I tried to get the P2P Foundation to set something up, but they don't think they have the spoons.

Could be a new organization, but that's a lot of work, and could lack credibility.

@maloki I've long been interested in a hacker/community-oriented standards org. IETF is the closest we have, but isn't quite that. Though one thing the W3C does have is its patent non-aggression policy, and the reason that works is that it's able to bring a bunch of corporate participants to the table. I don't think a hacker standards org could do that. (There's also some government groups that will only accept work that come from "official" standards groups.)

Maybe it's still worth trying.

A lot of people find out that the W3C's governance is fucked up and overly dependent on corporate sponsorship (and it is) and then assume that the WHATWG must be a better institution (it isn't).

WHATWG is, for the most part, a "what-the-major-browser-vendors-say/do-rules" org. And keep in mind, that's now just two organizations (Google and Mozilla). That's good reason for pause.

The WHATWG has dropped the useful and simple ABNF representation of URIs in favor of a much more complicated algorithm. An appeal for them to... not do that:

Ok, a slightly different kind of ethical alternative today:

GFW is a small independent clothing maker who don't use sweatshops and don't classify people by gender.

They are having free shipping to anywhere in the world for the next two weeks, plus 10% off with the discount code "firstorder".

They use a sizing system which works by body shape, not gender:

They cost more, but that's because they pay a proper wage (they manufacture in the UK).

next time someone tells you too technical or only for "super nerds" please point out Getting Started Page has directions for, @blogger, @withknown, and @micodotblog (and even links to pages for super nerdsO

What disturbs me more than #surveillancecapitalism and the rise of #listeningdevices and ‘IoT’ with #biometrics is the shocking lack of #corporatemedia critique of it. They’re complicit in actively promoting such agenda, misleading the public.

Interesting comment by codetrotter with , pros, cons to have as alternative to :

"> paywalls should federate, like the early ATMs did, so that joining one means joining them all

That’s an interesting idea. I imagine it could work sort of like Spotify Premium but with a twist. Perhaps that is not what he meant but it’s what I came to think of so that’s what I want to talk about."

the main problem with org-mode is still that collaboration is hard :\

but I guess we already discussed that in @librelounge episode 1 so I don't need to repeat myself here!

"What does MyHealth do?"
"Nothing. Actually nothing. They're patent trolls."
Let's send a message to the Patent Office: overly broad software patents incentivize trolling.

Instagram ranked worst for young people’s mental health [0].

I am very aware of the toxic side of IG and look forward to establishing Pixelfed Labs [1]. The goal is to get the community involved in solving these tough issues through discussions, proposals and implementations.

We can build better alternatives if we work together!

[0] -

[1] -

@malteengeler @doenietzomoeilijk @aral
I'd say it comes down to how it's enforced. This could work similar to the warning labels on cigarettes. They don't get many people to quit smoking but they make it hard to start without considering the consequences, and there's much fewer teenagers smoking today than there used to (at least in Europe) ...

You can find free #PublicDomainEbooks really easily using's eBook search page:

The search covers a wide variety of public domain sites, and includes many different languages.

#AlternativesAtoZ #eBooks #PublicDomain #Books #Literature

To subscribe to a Google Groups mailing list without having to run non-free JS or have a Google account, send an email to:


That seems to have worked, but we'll see if I actually start getting messages.

After @cwebber's talk about Guile and Racket in which he mentioned a mailing list, I figured I'll start lurking on racket-{users,dev}. I was disappointed to learn both of them use Google Groups. I still don't know how to browse group archives without JS; if anyone knows, lmk. Otherwise I won't ever be able to send anyone links to such conversations (I can send message-id, but users would need to have copies in their own mailbox to avoid having to run non-free JS).
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