I’m 60 years old and want to be a web developer

Would a soon to be pensioner be able to start a career as a web developer so late in life and would they be taken seriously by their peers and clients?

jamesmullarkey.com/2017/09/im- #Ageism


@jamesmullarkey I am sure they would.

Like you mention "Web development skills can be improved at minimal cost and in your own time [..]" one can do a lot of the cool stuff that the young ones do as well.

Start a cool blog, contribute to github, have some repo's, help others on stackoverflow, post on hacker news .. all while building your skills. Make sure they are noticed. And then, yes, put some stickers on your laptop when they are well-earned :)

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Oh I'm sure they could do it but not so sure they get past people's stereotypical view of older people and the bias and predudice that comes with that.

@jamesmullarkey yes, but that moment comes later, and after these people already have a positive impression based on the work they viewed, thus alleviating the strength of the bias. Lowering the barrier to acceptance, as it were.

And apply some marketing. In your picture, in black & white, the guy is sitting behind a AS/400 or something. This demonstrates the bias very well. Don't start talking how assembler used to be much harder than JS. Know the modern field and drop some buzzwords :)

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