Due to crazy commercial search results I hereby announce the launch of project - providing a level-up of well-known curated lists. Dedicated to and collecting true gems.

Curated lists are only allowed to have projects and open science + information sources.

Project location on @codeberg here:

please note that the honors of the idea go entirely to Sindre Sorhus who inspired me to create this variation of his lists.

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@codeberg @moeeee @alcinnz @shellowl @konrad @yarmo

FYI I just created a poll to collect feedback on which licences would be approved for FOSS entries in a list.

I am by no means the expert there, so I need some help :)


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@codeberg thank you! Love too.. will be the innercircles community home.

PS. Codeberg version of does not support center aligned div's for the delightful logo. Just tested on and works in v1.12.0+dev-231

@humanetech so it will be in as soon 1.12 is ready for deployment ;)

@codeberg @humanetech Is this meant as a decentralised bookmark software where everyone can list their own favourites or as one list where everybody is welcome to contribute?


It is meant to be like Sindre Sorhus' project:

Everyone can create lists, but there are acceptance and quality criteria to be included in the top-level project repository.


@humanetech @codeberg Cool! Right up my alley!

Would fit there?

P.S. I would appreciate a webfeed to follow along more easily.

@alcinnz Thanks!

I will need help to flesh out the project a bit further and am also looking for maintainer candidates.

To :

I will be very busy initiating the community the coming time, and this just one of a bunch of projects to elaborate.

Please send feature requests to the issue tracker. Also like to hear about criteria you'd like to see for delightful lists in Issues, and other feedback.

Community teaser:


@alcinnz a quick peek and yes, I think that might fit the criteria well. But not sure if entries should include websites too, or only repositories with curated lists or links (leaning to the latter). In that case you could create a `delightful-drm-free-movies repo somewhere and request to be included in top-level project table of contents.


@humanetech I'm tempted to let someone else do that, and keep my page to ones I've personally enjoyed. Certainly I'd like to see other people create similar pages!


@codeberg @humanetech So this means instead of using a (centralised) search website like startpage to find good projects, I lookup different delightful lists as a sort of web index? Cool 😀 Such lists can limit the power of google and microsoft if we build our own web indexes!

If these indexes are implemented in software and the instances hosting the lists federate with each other, we could have a decentralised search engine.

that last part would be an entire software project, but an idea for that is somewhere on the horizon of plans I'm working on.

I'm all in on the idea.
I was thinking about doing something like that as well, but can't deal with the pressure of maintaining.

@shellowl a PR here and there or an Issue will already be quite cool :)

I will do so as soon as I know about the structure itself.
I have a quite big collection of software/services that I'd like to shine a light on.

@humanetech @codeberg this is truly great! I'm in! Should we wait until the current issues are solved before making a #delightful list?

@yarmo no, surely not! But if you're open to make changes afterwards to match selection criteria. It is important that first lists be good examples for others to follow.

We can discuss things in the issue tracker.


@humanetech @codeberg don't know why, but I've always had a passion for databases, so a list with delightful foss databases in all shapes and sizes is right up my alley

@humanetech @codeberg @moeeee @alcinnz @konrad @yarmo

I gave my 2 cents to it ;)

I also made a new issue up for something that might be easy or difficult, depending on the handling:

Nice idea! And this has also opened my eyes to @codeberg as an option in addition to @gitlab for my #FOSS projects.

@syntax it is based on and provides a very GH/GL-like experience. They also have ability to publish websites at


Sounds good. I've mainly stuck to #GitLab as I've felt it's the best balance between popular public platform where my projects can be discovered - but crucially is also open source (I refuse to join #GitHub, especially now it's owned by #Microsoft).

@syntax yea, can imagine. But I hope gitlab will not become Amazon or Google owned in future.. real chance this'll happen, I think.


I'll be sure to jump ship as soon as that happens. In the meantime I think I may also join @codeberg

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