An interesting tool to crowdsource gaps and ideas that lead to for .. on the road to Responsible AI.


@humanetech Mmm

"The activities of the Partnership on AI are funded by charitable contributions in the form of membership dues paid by its for-profit Partners and contributions and grants from foundations."

Those for-profit partners include all Big Tech ( Apple, Amazon, DeepMind and Google, Facebook, IBM, and Microsoft.

But they do have a lot of non-profit partners as well (more than 50%, as they prominently point), including ACLU and AccesNow


My intuition is that we must be very careful with whom we work towards making AI respect human rights (or in EU terms, more trustworthy). Big players have a lot of power in their hands, and their business models may not align with essential rights such as privacy.

@artificialphilosopher I agree with your sentiment, but it is a fact that big players all over the place are moving full steam ahead, with or without a public voice to influence their projects. And throwing best-practices at them that deal with those essential rights means that you've at least raised your voice.

@humanetech I agree with you that we need to raise our voice. My concern is that if we use their platforms, they dictate the rules. They get the benefits of "public collaboration" (their PR of >50% non-profits), while still managing to shape the goals (responsible AI, not human rights respecting AI for instance) and filtering out whatever may cause them trouble (privacy as just confidentiality of training data set in M; what about placing surveillance microphones everywhere?)

@artificialphilosopher I know what you mean. But if 1,000's of people voice a privacy concern and their solutions to it... well, then let them have the benefit to implement that. They can always chose not to, but they will stand out as Irresponsable AI.

Also, while many people on the , me included, will be very hesitant to use these AI services (use better, maybe FOSS, ones if they exist), for these same reasons, the broader public will just naively use whatever is in front of them.

@humanetech @artificialphilosopher full disclosure: I work at PAI
I think those points are super valid. My perspective on it is informed by having worked in one of those big tech companies and knowing that there are people who are fighting hard for privacy, accountability, transparency, and justice inside of their orgs. I see my work as helping to empower those people within and helping our nonprofit partners to better affect change from without
def isn’t (& shouldn’t be be) the only approach!

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