I encounter in the project now and then, and it recently featured on too.

Apparently though it has a safecoin (not to be confused with the scam), it does not use blockchain (which I'm adverse to).

The project, still in alpha, looks interesting. resistant and many features.

What is your opinion about this project? Do you use it already? Where does it fit in the web?

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@humanetech Maidsafe sounds like something interesting in theory but they have struggled to produce anything practical. I think so far its only demos and concepts. I've been aware of it for about a decade.

As time has passed so too have the requirements. I no longer want to store arbitrary data even if encrypted. Instead in the maidsafe type of scenario I want to be able to opt in to store the data of mutuals.

@humanetech imho Maidsafe is a project which sounds interesting, but which has been vaporware or alpha for at least a decade. I'm not aware of any Maidsafe nodes in production use anywhere. If it's not possible to get to a minimum viable product in that length of time then that indicates to me that something about its design is flawed at a fundamental level.

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