@humanetech #solid/Inrupt has venture capital. That means that their success criterion is an exit (sell the company – either to multi-billion-dollar Big Tech firm or they need to become a multi-billion dollar Big Tech firm by holding an IPO).

It is the opposite of #SmallTech.



yes, I have exactly the same feeling as yours. But they do have some very fine people in their community, which I think are being kept on slow progress, while Inrupt feeds on their ideas. I may see that totally wrong, but that - plus the fact that the concept is interesting - is why I spend time there. So:

- Open community blossoming (fork?)
- Spec that helps the web
- And maybe good combo with

seem worthy goals.

while Inrupt will not, any community member can create their foss smalltech, plus it is always good to spread the mindset of a bit further, right?

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