If you haven't seen it yet, you must see this video of @aral in action in this brilliant speech to MEP's about EU regulation.

Showing eloquently that there is a unique opportunity for EU to walk a different, better path than that of Big Tech, VC startup culture, unicorns, that only lead to more

That path of course is and

Let's hope they finally listen over there in Brussels and follow that right path.

@humanetech @aral

"What is that, the Ferengi Alliance or the European Union ?" <3

@humanetech everyone should talk about the fediverse and the opportunity to have a more respectful web. Every club, school, association should start a fediverse instance and , together with their members, create the web space we envision. This could start in september 2020, when all the schools and clubs will reopen. EU regulation will follow.

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